girls birthday party

Arranging a Girls Birthday Party for our baby girl is super fun yet a difficult task. We want a different theme every year and we want it to be unique. But don’t worry we are here to help you out and tell you some cool and amazing birthday party themes for your baby girl’s next birthday party that she would love.

1. Polka Dot Crocodile Party

The green color is at the center of this theme. This theme is inspired by crocodile CHOMP which is green in color with polka on its entire body. And girls love this character. The Dress code can be kept the shades of green.

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Decorations can be of the retro style of polka dots and we can have CHOMP inspired birthday cake for the girl. Cookies and Cupcakes of sour green grapes flavor and some green apple-flavored candies decorated on the center table. This theme will be really unique and the birthday girl and her friends would love it.

2. Candy Land

Surprise your munchkin with little candy land and made her its princess. Make sure you buy all her favorite candies and that too in loads. Buy candies of all different color, shapes, and sizes of candies so that you can have variations in decorating the place.

Decorate the candies of the center table as well as hang them around the room so that birthday girl gets the actual felling of the candy land. For a birthday cake, you can have Piñata cake as candy is the theme of the party.

3. Masquerade Ball

If your girl is a little grown-up and loves the idea of getting dressed and going to the ball. This is the best theme for her birthday party. You can decorate the venue in glittery colors and arrange for masks for every invitee.

Keep a dress code gowns for girls and suits for boys to increase the effect of the party. Get a cake delivery of multi-tier. You can also arrange for a game of making masks and give the winners some exciting gifts.

4. Floral Party

Arrange for the Flower party for your daughter’s next birthday. Make sure all the decoration is done with fresh flowers of your daughter’s choice. Get her a nice floral dress for the birthday party and also order a nice floral fondant cake for the birthday party. Buy flowers online for her and surprise her with a huge bouquet of her most loved flower.

Ask her friends not to buy any gifts rather give her some flowers, we are sure she would love the whole set up.

5. Angel Vs Devil

Are you looking for a unique yet interesting party theme then this theme is a perfect pick? The venue can be half divided and decorated at one side with a pretty white net cloth and angel’s wings whereas another side of the room should be decorated in black and red wings and horns of the devil.

You can use the same theme in food to angel and devil cupcakes. And for the Birthday Cake, half angel and half devil can be customized.

6. Winter Wonderland

If the birthday of your baby girl falls in winter months you can go forward with this theme. If your backyard is full of snow and its bearable cold you can make sea with the backdrop of blue color. Arrange food items in shapes of starfish and sea horse and surprise your daughter with this wonderful arrangement.

7. Arabian

If your daughter is fond of jewels and pearls, Arabian theme party is perfect for her sweet sixteen. Lantern, silk curtains, jeweled scarves for each one of them would have feels of morocco lights. Everything would be Royal and the cake should also be Arabian nights themed.

We hope all these themes help you have a wonderful birthday bash of your girl. These themes would be super fun and memorable if executed well.