Top Color The World Lipstick

Wearing red lipstick is such an overwhelming experience for most women. It’s such a simple process to make, but somehow, not many women have the guts to wear bright, red lipstick daily. Why? Wearing red lipstick is said to be not for everyone. Only fair-skinned ladies can pull it off. The many lipstick brands in the market, however, invalidate this notion.

One should remember when wearing red lipstick to apply very light makeup on the face. A strong colored blush or eye shadow will overpower the face when putting on red lipstick. The makeup should be subtle enough that the luscious red lips will stand out.

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There are shades of red that one may find suitable for her skin tone. Follow the recommendations of makeup experts if possible. Also, consider that it should also extend to the whole look when wearing red lips, like going for a neutral color outfit, nail polish, and accessories.

The top lipstick brands mentioned below are among the cream of the crop in the cosmetics industry nowadays. These are lipsticks that have various characters and features that will fit any woman’s needs and tastes.

Top 5 Color The World Lipstick

#1. Dior –

Dior lipstick is always considered high fashion marked with femininity and glamour. It has micro-polymers and lip-fix powder that prevents smudging. Wearing a Dior lipstick is an exuberant feeling knowing that it’s designed for runway shows and meant to last for hours without leaving the lips chapped or dry. Aside from this, their lipsticks are fashionably housed in shimmering tubes to top it all up.

#2. NARS –

NARS lipstick is offered in multiple color shades, perfect for any skin color. It has non-drying formula helping the color stick longer on the lips and reducing color bleeding. NARS lipstick also provides lip care by sealing in moisture on the lips.

#3. Revlon –

Revlon lipstick has fancy types that go well with just about any occasion. For example, try their neutral sheer-tint Color or their super lustrous lipstick line for sexy, smooth lips.

Revlon lipstick offers a Color Stay long-lasting lipstick line that provides maximum wearing barely noticeable time. In addition, it gives full or semi-full coverage and a moist lip effect.

#4. Clinique –

Lipsticks under this brand have SPF 15 protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This is perfect since a Clinique lipstick comfortably stays on and has additional guard done for the lips. Clinique lipstick has a broad spectrum of shades to choose from. It has moisturizing shades that are also long-wearing.

#5. Maybelline –

Maybelline New York is a popular cosmetic brand that has a full line of lipstick products. Luminous lip colors are available in every Maybelline lipstick that ranges from shades of pinks, reds, purples, mauves, and browns, among many others. In addition, Maybelline lipstick has a SuperStay color that works for a long 16 hours allowing fewer retouches to be done.

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