Trails Carolina Death List

In November 2016, police found the body of a teen who’d disappeared for nearly two weeks. The tragedy occurred on an excursion with campers within the Nantahala National Forest. The teen was identified as Alec Sanford Lansing, 17, was last spotted on October 10 after walking out of a therapeutic trip in Trails Carolina – a wilderness therapeutic facility within Lake Toxaway. The efforts to find him were shattered after his body was discovered close to where he had abandoned the group. The reasons for the Trails Carolina death are still being studied.

Teenager goes missing at the Trails Carolina Camp.

Alec Sanford Lansing, a 17-year-old participant in the program for rehabilitation in outdoor settings in Trails Carolina trip, is on the camping trip with his group at Lake Toxaway. Then, he opted to walk alone into the woods at about 10:30 p.m. on November 10, 20,14. Incredibly, he was discovered missing by 6 p.m. that night. The authorities immediately notified the police with his description and the most recent location. They urged them to look for the young man despite the arduous effort of the search group of several agencies. The large search area and the mountainous terrain made it take more work to find him.

During the search, it was necessary to deploy a helicopter for an aerial search to locate Lansing. However, the dense forest canopy was a major barrier, hindering visibility as well as the capability to detect indications of the teenager who was missing. Queen, spokeswoman for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, stated that Lansing was under the watchful eye of a Trails Carolina counselor when he disappeared. The counselor was witness to Lansing leaving the group. The need for speed for him, he had also posted reviews of his Carolina trails.

The next day, police found the body of Lansing, who was dead, close to a stream. They also observed evidence of removing moss from a tree stretching over the river where Lansing’s body was discovered. Pathologist William Selby performed an autopsy to determine the reason for his death. The findings confirmed hypothermia as the primary cause of the death and revealed the existence of an earlier fractured hip, further complicating the Trails Carolina death.

While authorities investigated the Trails Carolina incident in an attempt to discover the reasons behind this tragic incident, The Trails Carolina community and Lansing’s family grieve for the passing of a beautiful young life, which ended too quickly.

Carolina Death Trails: Specifics

On November 10, the firefighter spotted someone similar to the missing teen at the gas station located in Cashiers. An employee verified the incident; however, the shop video could not be seen due to technical issues.

Rescue teams scoured the rough and dense Nantahala Forest zone for two weeks. A variety of agencies assisted in three counties. On November 22, the director of the search, Queen, said that Lansing’s remains were located “not very far” from where he first stayed with Trails Carolina.

The body was discovered in an area of forest that was not accessible, and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement wanted to conduct an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Trails Carolina Death List. Lansing was killed.

Sheriff David Mahoney was worried, particularly after what transpired during September within the county. The criminal activities created a myriad of troubles and drained many resources. Mahoney highlighted that it is important to work with the camp’s owners and directors to ensure everyone is protected.

Mahoney believes that Trails Carolina and the children who attend the camp don’t pose an everyday risk to the community. However, one unfortunate event could lead to a risky scenario, such as what occurred in September. He recalled that everybody was anxious during this time within the Silversteen community of Silversteen. Being a sheriff, there is always something to worry about.

Journalists attempted to obtain some response on behalf of Trails Carolina officials about this incident and the Trails Carolina horror reports. They only replied after the release of this report.

Trails Carolina Death: Tragedy Revealed

The latest research findings suggest that Lansing has tragically been climbing the tree before sliding and falling into the stream. This resulted in a fractured hip, which caused him to be unable to walk.

Before the accident, In the days leading up to the incident, in the days leading up to it, the National Weather Service reported that temperatures plummeted to 40 degrees forty, 48, and even 45 degrees the night of November 10 11 and 12 10, 11, and 12. Although these temperature temperatures alone may cause hypothermia, his health could have worsened due to his swimming in the pool of water.

Studies have proven that human bodies cool substantially faster when submerged when compared to air temperatures and cool 25 times higher in the submersion.

The length of time that Lansing’s body lay in the river is not known as of now.

If Graham Shannonhouse, the executive director of Trails Carolina, was approached to comment on the matter, he expressed the deepest of sadness. In the email he sent this Wednesday morning, he stated that they had been overwhelmed by the tragedy of Alec’s death and offered their heartfelt condolences to the family of Alec and loved ones during this extremely stressful time.

The president also expressed his gratitude to local government agencies and their staff members who were dedicated to searching. The devastating result deeply saddens us.

This incident is the second time within less than a month that children enrolled in Trails Carolina left the facility without a permit.

On September. 29 and 29, two teenage boys between the ages of 15 and 16 were ejected from the camp. The incident triggered a massive search in the Silversteen Road area of Transylvania County.

The hunt involved a variety of counties, including authorities from the North Carolina SBI, Highway Patrol, U.S. Forest Service, and officials from counties in the vicinity.

The following day, the two teens were spotted and later charged with various crimes, including burglaries, thefts from homes unoccupied around the neighborhood, and theft of guns.

However, the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office was not involved directly in the hunt for Lansing. Sheriff David Mahoney voiced concern regarding these two events. Particularly the gang-related activities that are that are associated with the Transylvania investigation.


The tragic demise of Alec Sanford Lansing in the Nantahala National Forest serves as an unsettling warning of the dangers and risks of outdoor therapy. The investigation into the causes that led to his death progressed. It is crucial for facilities that offer wilderness therapy, such as Trails Carolina, to prioritize safety and security measures to avoid such incidents from happening again in the future.