Running alongside the Yucatan Peninsula, a tropical haven, the Riviera Maya in Mexico is a dream destination spot for tourists. Harbouring many exotic beaches, the beautiful soft dreamy white sand laying along the water, and the crystal blue water of the gently swaying waves of the Caribbean Sea, it is indeed a true paradise for vacationers.

It offers a reprieve to the ones seeking solace in the calming ocean and the tropical beaches.

The Riviera Maya is home to many renowned tourist destinations, namely Cancun, the Playa del Carmen, the beautiful Puerto Morelos and Tulum, the archaeological site at the Mayan oceanfront, making it a popular and compelling choice for vacationers.

Why you should visit the Riviera Maya

When you plan a trip this holiday season, do give the Riviera Maya a chance. You will find that you have many reasons to do so. Spread out on a span of over 120 kms, the Maya Riviera is home to beautiful and exotic beaches and offers many attractions luring tourists from all over the globe.

Alongside the exquisite beaches, the stunning turquoise water, the magnificent archaeological sites, and the lush natural parks of the Riviera Maya are all sights to behold that never cease to amaze us. Moreover, the ease of access to the region through the Cancun airport is a major plus as it allows for wide access to and from local and international destinations.

The weather of the region is just perfect for travelling any time of the year. There is no bad time to plan a trip to the area as mostly the weather is beautifully mild, except for those short summer spells. The area is prone to rainfalls in April and May and sporadically in September and January, with tropical storms or hurricanes making a chance appearance.

Things to do in the Maya Riviera

The different sections of the Riviera Maya offer varying temptations. The beauty of the place is bound to exhilarate you, and the attractions it offers will make it one of your popular tourist spots for sure.

The sea along Puerto Morelos is perfect for diving, snorkelling and exploring the coral reefs. The great Maya Reefs are the largest reef in the northern hemisphere region. Meanwhile, the tourists wanting to bask in the sun can soak in the warmth on the powdery sand of the beautiful beachside.

The Playa Del Carmen has a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shopping spots along the La Quinta Avenida, offering lively nightlife and can be a popular go-to place for unwinding and relaxation after a day of adventure at sea.

The ecological parks of the Xcaret and Xel-Ha are rife with wildlife theme parks, archaeological sites, natural aquariums and displays featuring the wildlife, giving tourists the experience of exploring nature in its finest and varying forms.

The Riviera Maya hotels and restaurants offer unique and exquisite cuisine made with fresh ingredients local and otherwise that offer a taste of fusion and flavours that are bound to appeal to your taste buds on the highest level.

From local and fresh sea food to the exquisite Mediterranean and continental cuisines, the restaurants across the region provide a memorable dining experience to guests, never compromising on the quality of services and the uniqueness and exquisiteness of the food.

In addition, if adventure is not your thing and you are looking for a place to relax and recharge, the Riviera Maya has several spas offering services of the utmost quality to clients enabling them to feel refreshed, relaxed and reinvigorated.

The Riviera Maya hotels

From the adventurous to the curious and seeking peace and tranquillity, the Riviera Maya has something for everyone. Suppose you are wondering where to choose to stay when you visit the Riviera Maya. In that case, you will find a wide variety of options in terms of Riviera Maya hotels offering many services and attractive features to choose from.

There is a wide range of all-inclusive resorts and hotels offering good facilities and comfort features to make your stay at the Maya Riviera memorable and comfortable. The Fives Hotels and Residence are a popular choice of many planning a trip to the Riviera Maya.

The Fives Hotels and Residences

The Fives Hotels and Residences are one of the top hotels in Riviera Maya and offer a luxurious refuge to the place’s visitors. The hotels enable you to experience the natural beauty of the beautiful region while enjoying the many attractions that the various towns have to offer.

Staying at one of the Fives Hotels and Residences is bound to make your vacation to the Riviera Maya a unique and memorable trip. While considering opting for a stay with us, visitors can choose to pick any of our hotels that the Fives has in the region.

  • The Fives Hotels and Downtown Residence in Playa del Carmen are situated ideally between the lively town of Playa del Carmen and the coast of the majestic Caribbean Sea. Staying at the Fives Downtown offers tourists the unique experience of enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean Sea whilst revelling in the vibrant nightlife at Fifth Avenue or the Quinta Avenida. The lively town of Playa Del Carmen is host to many bars, restaurants and shops along Fifth avenue allowing tourists to experience an insight into the town life and unwind during their stay. The hotel offers spacious deluxe and superior rooms and a fine dining experience that you are bound to enjoy.
  • The Fives Oceanfront Puerto Morelos offers a range of luxurious and spacious residences built on modern lines at the oceanfront. Situated on the beach of the Caribbean Sea, the hotel offers a private beach area and an indoor swimming pool to the visitors who can opt for a room with a terrace, a view of the pool or that of the sea. Situated just 21 kilometres away from the Cancun airstrip, the hotel offers guests the convenience of easy access whilst being in proximity to the town centre, allowing them to explore and experience the adventurous activities that the sea has to offer.
  • The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences are a popular All Senses Inclusive tourist spot ideal for a family vacation getaway, destination weddings, romantic honeymoon destinations etc. Built along the lines of modern architecture, the Beach Hotel and Residences offer luxurious suites of one, two or three bedrooms along with the option of exclusive penthouses. Following along the lines of an All Senses Inclusive tourist spot, the hotel offers spa and outdoor pool services along with fine dining and delightful cuisine meant to appeal to a wide range of visitors.
  • Residences at the Fives is home to approximately 210 residences, including seven pools, out of which one is a heated pool for adults. The Residences at Fives offer varying services, including a blissful session at its spa and delving into the fine gourmet experience that visitors can enjoy while viewing the serene coastlines of the Riviera Maya in the Playa Del Carmen region. The lively town of the Playa De Carmen is also not far away, enabling the tourist to enjoy the exotic and vibrant nightlife on the Quinta Avenida.

When planning your trip to the Riviera Maya, do drop by any of Fives Hotels and Residences hotels. You won’t regret it for sure as the luxurious charm of the hotels, and the many attractions they offer are bound to make you have the experience of a lifetime.