Causes Wrinkles Under Eyes

Why young adults get wrinkles under eyes and how to get rid of them

Like all other disorders wrinkles are also one of the common skin disorders. Now you may think that what is meant by wrinkles? Today I will guide you in detail about the factors that cause wrinkles and how you can categorize that either you can handle or treat them or not because some genetic problems can be rarely treated. Here are the factors that cause wrinkles under eyes


Age is one of the most common factors that cause wrinkles under eyes. As you become old the elasticity of your skin naturally decreases and when the elasticity of skin decreases the fat content stored in the adipose tissues of your skin also decreases. This stored fat adds texture and elasticity to your skin and when it decreases the elasticity also decreases and as a result wrinkles appear on the skin.

Genetic factors

Genetic factors also play their role in the development of wrinkles. Many people develop wrinkles in very early age due to genetic factors. There are so many factors that cause wrinkles in early age. For example, they may have low levels of stored fat and hormonal imbalances cause wrinkles in some people.

Ultraviolet rays

People who have more interaction with the ultraviolet rays become more victims of wrinkles. The ultraviolet radiation is also called the common cause of early wrinkles. More exposure to the ultraviolet rays causes the breakdown of the connective tissues and the process of aging starts in an early age. The collagen and elastin content of the skin tissues also break and as a result the connective tissue breakdown increases and as already mentioned the breakdown of the connective tissues causes the aging process to start.


Smoking is another factor that causes wrinkles even at an early age. It accelerates aging and as a result, the process of aging starts. Many changes in the bodily system take place after the start of smoking and the fluctuations in the blood contents cause wrinkles in an early age.

Facial expression

People who have alternative facial expressions such as squinting and smiling as their habit also face wrinkles early than other people because their skin becomes loose after continuous exposure of expression and skin becomes loose in the same direction. This is also called as too much muscle movement because when the muscle movement will be more in a particular direction the skin of the face will become loose in the same direction and we will call it as wrinkles develop.

Use of Cosmetics

It has been observed that ladies who have used more cosmetics in their lifetime are more prone to wrinkles and aging. The use of more and more cosmetics is a confirmed cause of wrinkles because the application of cosmetics keeps your skin tight for a long time and when you quit the use of cosmetics the elasticity of the skin decreases.

Hormone balances

In a few ladies who have abnormal hormonal levels, the occurrence of wrinkles has been seen at a high rate as compared to those who have no hormonal abnormality.