Installing a Bidet

Western countries have been unfairly neglecting bidet toilet seats for years. Most of the time, the reason was a prejudice about bidets being unhygienic or old-fashioned. However, the majority of European, Asian, and South American countries have always used this bathroom fixture as a must-have item in any well-equipped bathroom. It is time you realize that installing a bidet will improve the comfort and practical aspects of your bathroom. The following reasons will prove you seriously need to think about making this investment.

1. Affordable bathroom fixture

Many people are in the wrong thinking that a bidet is a luxury item because it’s not a standard bathroom item in Australia and North America. However, you would be surprised by its affordability. The reason is that many companies offer great prices due to a wide variety of choices of bidets. Surf the Internet for a while and you’ll realize that a bidet isn’t out of your reach.

2. Ensuring a functional plumbing system

Even the modern toilets may not go well with an older plumbing system usually present in older homes. The biggest hazard is the toilet paper flushed a couple of times a day through the pipes and to the septic tank.

The pipes may get clogged at some point, forcing you to spend a lot of money to solve the problem and putting you in an awkward position where you can’t use the toilet for some time. Bidets minimize the need for toilet paper, simultaneously minimizing the chance of a clogged plumbing system.

3. Numerous health benefits

First things first – your health is your priority, and a bidet in the bathroom is a way to ensure it. Many people suffer from medical issues related to their bowels, such as hemorrhoids and inflammatory bowel disease.

When you develop a medical issue like this, using toilet paper will not only be painful but also counterproductive. It won’t be hygienic enough. On the other hand, a bidet uses a gentle stream of water for cleaning your intimate parts, allowing you to adjust the temperature and the intensity of the stream.

Pregnant women and people with reduced mobility will find an electronic bidet very highly practical, as they won’t need to strain themselves to ensure intimate hygiene. Many companies like Bidets Online highlight the health benefits of this fixture, allowing people to see why they are a step forward to better health.

4. Eco-friendly impact

Sometimes it’s not just about you but about the environment, too. Bidets are also green solutions for bathrooms, and therefore they represent a step forward to a greener future. As said before, the use of a bidet reduces the need for toilet paper, which indirectly helps thousands of trees to be preserved.

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Another green aspect of a bidet is that it leads to reduced use of water. It may come as a surprise, but when you think about it, a bidet uses only a fraction of water that’s usually spent every time you flush the toilet. Some older toilets even have to be flushed a few times to remove the toilet paper, so a bidet is a more efficient solution for sure.

5. Versatile offer

Today, there are many types of bidets, meaning that they can suit your specific needs, whether it’s about your health issues, practicality preference, or the right model that fits the style of the bathroom.

The majority of modern toilets incorporate a bidet function, along with many other features. You can also get a model with built-in deodorizes, a hands-free automatic flusher, and even a sensory lid opener.

Bidet seats are another option, being very simple to install a bidet. If you opt for an electronic model, pressing a button will activate a stream of warm water inside the seat. Some models even have heated seats and air dryers, while others have a tankless water heating system that saves water.

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If you want a full eco-friendly seat, then choose a non-electric model that works with simple water pressure. Maybe the most affordable and easiest to install a bidet is the bidet attachment option. It is easily mounted to the underside of your existing toilet, needing no batteries or electricity.

It’s connected to the water supply line in your home, which also means water won’t be warm when you activate the nozzle. Lastly, handheld bidets are a similar solution, resembling handheld shower sprays. You can install them on any toilet that has an external water supply.

Final comment

A bidet is a bathroom feature that unites many great benefits – it improves your health, it’s practical, cost-effective, and green. How many reasons more do you need?