learn Laravel 5.6 and PHP
learn Laravel 5.6 and PHP

Well ‘Learning never goes waste’, goes the adage. Learning any language shall do nothing, but add to your knowledge list. Today, we look at the pros of learning Laravel Development 5.6 and PHP. Hope this clear the winds of questions in your mind.

Take a look Why should you learn Laravel 5.6

Easy to learn: PHP is easy to learn and grasp it too. Also, it is highly in demand in 2018. Almost 80% of the internet is powered by PHP. Many popular websites are been built by PHP.

Support For Argon Password Hashing: Argon 2 is the recommended modern algorithm for securely hashing passwords. It comes in Argon 2d and Argon 2i, PHP 7.2 supported Argon 2i password hashing.

Better Support For Dynamic Rate Limiting: Laravel’s most wonderful in-built feature is API Rate Limiting. This involves specifying a hard-coded number of requests on group routes. Another icing on the cake is, it allows one to specify a maximum number of requests based on authenticated user model attribute.

Model Serialization on Steroids: Before now, there was a persistent bug on queued models. When queued models are finally processed, it’s without their loaded relationships in place.

In Laravel 5.6, huge improvements have been made to ensure that relationships loaded on queued models are automatically re-loaded when the job is processed by the queue.

Beautiful Error Reporting With Collision: An awesome package developed and detailed, Collision is a beautiful and intuitive error handler for console/command-line PHP applications.

Laravel 5.6 now ships with Collision via the dev composer dependency. Collision provides an awesome error reporting interface when working with your Laravel app via the command line.

Single Server Task Scheduling: Unlike before Laravel 5.6 allows your task to execute on just a single server if your app runs on multiple servers.

With increasing and improving technology and newer versions coming, we are sure that this article shall surely motivate you to learn both languages. It shall not only improve your knowledge but get you acquainted with something happening in the web world, the Digi- world, where these days people are mostly found.

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