composite wood flooring

Everyone loves a beautifully laid hardwood floor. It’s one of the most classical flooring styles that can adapt to many style aesthetics. But there are some practical difficulties that make wooden floors hard to care for. So, the solution lay in finding a material that resembled wood but did not carry its disadvantages. This is where composite wood flooring manufacturers come in.

Disadvantages of wood

There is little doubt that natural hardwood is one of the most attractive flooring solutions. But it does have many disadvantages. It is susceptible to rot in bad weather. When exposed to moisture or rain, it will start rotting and swelling. This can cause the floorboards to get disfigured and disintegrate. When exposed to the sun, it will weather and start aging.

To prevent these symptoms, one must care for wood regularly, polish and seal it at regular intervals. Wood also attracts bugs and insects. Infestations like termites can completely destroy natural wood. Since hardwood is considerably expensive, any damage also becomes costly. The care and maintenance of wood mean a regular recurring cost.

Composite wood flooring

Composite wood flooring suppliers use a mix of wood debris and high-quality plastic. These are not the tacky imitative wood that you may remember from your childhood. Modern wood composites are extremely high quality, closely resembling natural wood. There are many advantages to selecting composite flooring:

Infestation proof: Composites are not susceptible to one of the biggest problems in wood flooring — infestations. Made of composite materials, it cannot be attacked by bug, insects or termites. This means that the wood will not easily disintegrate.
Weathering proof: The composite wood is not affected by rain, sun, and other weather conditions. It will not start fading away and discoloring or swell up in moist conditions.

Natural look: The composite wood looks as good as natural hardwood. These are not tacky plastic wood-like tiles that you may remember from your childhood. So good is modern manufacturing that wood composite is hardly distinguishable from the natural variety. Composite wood manufacturers today offer wood with natural grain and colors to replicate the patterns found in nature.

Wide variety: Wood flooring manufacturers today offer a wide variety of wood floorings. You can get the standard planks and set them up as per the dimensions of the room. Alternatively, you can also get composite wood tiles. These are again available in many patterns. There are also different grains and colors to choose from.

Outdoor application: Hardwood floors have certain limitations, which limit its application. It is not suitable for outdoor installations like decks and porches where it will be exposed to the sun and rain. Composite wood flooring, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere without any worry. You can even use it as pool deck flooring since it is not affected by chlorinated pool water.

Easy maintenance: Wood requires regular maintenance with polishing and sealing to protect it from damages and ensure its longevity. Composites require no such extra measures. All you need is a little mopping and sweeping.

Easy to install: The composite wood flooring is very easy to install and can be done by anyone with some competency. It does not require a knowledgeable carpenter. In fact, many wood flooring manufacturers today offer DIY kits for easy installations.

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