Advanced Mobile App
Advanced Mobile App

As we all know that the main goal of any business is to retain its customers. However, it is quite difficult in this era when brand loyalty among web users is rare, the choice is apparently endless, and offers and discounts thrive. Through one program, businesses can easily retain customers and it is called a comprehensive mobile strategy.

Now, the mobile dispersal rates are increasing 101% in North America, and it is a wonderful 129% in Western Europe; therefore, lots of people have access to high-speed broadband through a device in their pocket. Consumers are completely familiar with the online shopping process, progressively turning to mobile to purchase everything from groceries to holiday gifts.

So, businesses, who are looking forward to capitalizing on this new behavior, they should develop a friendly and compelling mobile presence through apps and mobile-optimized sites. Maybe it will shift focus to many businesses; however, there is a lack of understanding about the impact that a good mobile strategy can have on developing long-lasting client relationships.

Here, we will look at how mobile applications are going to increase the return on investment whereas, humanizing a stronger bond with clients. The foremost thing to comprehend that applications are more useful and longer than mobile websites.

You may take it as counterintuitive; however, the way customers are accessing a business online that matters just as much as other key indicators like product range and price. A website can be mobile optimized and has some of excellent functionalities; however, this is not that case. A substitute is a dedicated mobile application.

As per the recent report of Adobe’s Digital Marketing, mobile application users are more loyal to a brand than those users, who visit a website from a mobile device. Lengthy app sessions mean a wonderful opportunity for brands to give marketing messages and combine customer relationships, although taking benefit of users’ high level of interest.

All credit goes to users’ favorable disposition toward brands as applications can be an effective tool that will lock in customers and turn them into brand evangelists. Have a look at how you can do this:

Communicate in Real-Time:

There are lots of brands that wanted to be successful, so they need to approach clients on a one-to-one basis as the application will help them to achieve this goal. Talking about the world where every good or service seems to be customizable, brands that do not look to anticipate their client’s requirements will lag rivals.

Brands can also reach out to their clients in actual time and keep them updated about the latest news about product launches and special discounts through push notifications. Taking the benefit of the top GPS and geotargeting technology, businesses can easily reach people as they can enter an area where they have a store or are promoting special offers.

It did not happen in the history of marketing that brands could tell when one of their customers is in the desired location. Moreover, businesses can make more attractive and successful offers by leveraging huge information collected from the client’s behavior as it will result in more successful client interactions.

Ditch sales pitches and provide your clients with well-timed content, which truly matters to them. By such types, they will respond with faithfulness, trust, and positive word of mouth that will give a huge impact on your brand.

Give Your Customers Incentives:

There are some of the things that are considered more useful than special offers and discount codes when targeting new clients and improving existing relationships. As per the Cone Consumer New Media Study on mobile customer behavior, the major factors that influence users to engage with digital brands are:

  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Incentives like special deals
  • Extra services and exclusives specifically devised for app users

When it comes to talking about the in-app coupons, it allows businesses to develop and promote customized offers for their key audience group. The result of having the incentive on your mobile device through an application intensifies the effect and eventually, it shows an aspect of nearness that pushes customers to interact in right away.

Provide Dedicated Content:

As we all know that content is king and it plays an important role. Today, people are turning to those applications that satisfy their needs and dedicated services that they can’t find on a website.

They always look for something that is completely engaging and instant to respond. You can encourage interactions through an app over the mobile website by developing a dedicated section inside your application with some extra resources, which can be accessed by app users.

You can also set a private log-in option to allow only certain users to access your exclusive content. In this way, you can make your application users feel unique and offer them more reasons to use your application.

Let’s take one example of the New York Times Application that developed to offer real-time access to the top news across the world and integrate the services offered through websites and hardcopy versions. Users can download this application free of cost and it enables them to read as many as 10 articles per month. They can also browse freely all the content-rich media sections.

Give Enhanced Support:

By enabling people to get in touch with the business 24/7 from anywhere, mobile devices have revolutionized the entire way customers engage with brands.

Mobile delivers an unparalleled opportunity to companies to enhance customer care and locks on existing customers, capturing new ones. Now, customers are expecting to play an active role in company life and to instantly get in touch with companies to ask for information or leave feedback.

This is the reason why developing in-app feedback forms is a wonderful opportunity for brands to get precious feedback on their app, spot the services that require to be improved, and deliver a channel to complain instead of posting comments on the web.

For instance, Domino’s Pizza USA is using its official application to simplify the ordering experience and make it easy and fun.

Using this application, users can easily access the whole menu and develop their own pizza, selecting from different ingredients, sauces, toppings, and crusts. Users can also track the order that has been placed by them as the app inside has a Pizza tracker widget to see exactly when the pizza is being made, baking time, and delivery time.

So, these are the different ways by which businesses can retain their customers’ support and expand their business worldwide. Mobile apps have changed the entire way customers are interacting with brands. Using a mobile app, the engagement level and intimacy factor have been improved and when brands tap into these the rewards are enormous.

If you have also decided to get a mobile application for your business, you can hire a leading mobile app development company that has a professional team of mobile app developers.