Exercises For Building Muscle
Exercises For Building Muscle

You spend long hours or perhaps even overnight shifts at work. You are tight on funds. You need to spend downtime with your friends. A polar vortex or hurricane has you barricaded at your home. For one or more reasons, you just cannot make it to the gym. We have been there. There isn’t any reason you cannot build strength, muscle, and body size at home. It won’t take the whole day either. Workout with your body weight or with minimal equipment is enough to get in shape you desire.

Here are some time crunch exercises that require your body weight and dumbbells to shred you into pieces and the best part you do not need to leave the comfort of your home. Post-workout shower and smoothie are just steps away. So let’s come to the exercises;

Spiderman Bodyweight Workouts

Do all “A”, then all “B” and then all “C” exercises respectively


A-1- Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup,
Reps – 12
Rest – 60 seconds.
Be into a pike position. Arms and legs straight with your hips up in the air and your feet on a strongly elevated surface such as a box. Gradually lower and then drive back up.

A-2- Alternating Split Squats Jump
Reps – 10 (both legs)
Sets – 4
Rest – 60 seconds

Begin in a split position Squat downward and then explode in the air, switch your legs, and land in the opposite position. Alternate swiftly and jump as high as possible each time.

B -1- Spider-man Crawl
Reps – 10
Sets – 6
Rest – 30 seconds

Begin in a pushup stance. Crawl in a forwarding direction by taking a larger step with the right arm and the left leg simultaneously. Get lower to the ground and then swing your left knee so that it nearly contacts the right elbow. Switch sides by keeping your body lower to the ground. For increasing difficulty crawl in a backward direction.

B2) Spiderman Pushups
Reps – both legs
Sets – 6
Rest – 30 seconds

Begin in a pushup stance. While lowering yourself, pull a knee toward the same side’s elbow. When you rise, bring back your leg. Repeat this on the other side and continue alternating.

B3) Single-Leg Box Squats
Reps – 6
Sets – 6
Rest – 60 seconds

Begin by facing away from a box or bench. Lift a leg, sit back on the box or bench, and come up without putting another leg down. Make it difficult by lowering the bench.

C-1- Alternating Side Plank
Reps – 5 (both sides)
Sets – 4
Rest – 30 Seconds

By lying on your side place your forearm on the ground, at a 90-degree angle to your body. Keep body straight, your glutes squeezed, and shoulders in pulled back direction. Do not let your hips hang down. Curl your body toward the ground, switch the arms, and do a side plank facing another way.