Style Items
Style Items

Regardless of what your preferred fashion style is, having some staples in your wardrobe will make things a lot easier for you when coming up with your outfits. This doesn’t only include the basics but some essential pieces of clothing that you should absolutely hold onto once you hit the 30s mark. After all, balancing your unique taste with timelessly trendy pieces is the true meaning of great looks and personal style. Keep on reading to find out the top 10 items that can complete your wardrobe and outfits perfectly.

1. Little black dress

Of course, this list can’t start without mentioning the queen of essential clothing pieces – its majesty the LBD. Find a cut and design that fit and flatter your body shape perfectly, as well as your personal style. Also, you may want to opt for a dress that doesn’t have too many details so that you can easily dress it up or down. This is a staple for every lady who wants to look stylish and fashionable, and, at the same time, doesn’t want to clutter the wardrobe with too many unnecessary items.

2. Black stilettos

Just like LBD, black stilettos are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. These shoes are very versatile and can be worn with both jeans and dresses for various occasions. Make sure to find shoes that are well-made and also feel comfortable. This particular item is worth investing is so that the shoes can serve you for a long time and you always feel great when wearing them.

3. A handy bag

There’s no one specific style of bag that you should get in your 30s. After all, it’s all about your taste and style, and what you look for in a bag. However, something that should be on your mind is to get a bag that can be used for a range of different situations, can be matched well with a lot of different outfits, and still can fit your essentials. You don’t have to own just one bag, but make sure to always have THE one that’s absolutely perfect for almost everything.

4. Perfect jeans

Just like in the case of the above-mentioned bag, no one can tell you what the perfect Rugged Jeans should be for you. However, by the time you’re in your 30s, you should have already realized what cut and design of the jeans suit you well and make you look incredible. These are the jeans you should stick with and make sure they are always a part of your wardrobe.

5. A leather jacket

A leather jacket is one of those items that will never go out of style. What’s more, it can be worn as a part of numerous different styles. Also, there’s nothing more appropriate and comfy for spring and fall weather. Therefore, opt for the design you find suits you the best and rock it!

6. Patterned stockings

Stockings and tights are also essential when it comes to building your wardrobe in your 30s. You want to have your options for more daring looks, those that you want to highlight your individuality with, and those when you simply want some effective layering. In that respect, you may want to fill your wardrobe with a couple of different styles and patterns. Those of you who are all about great deals and unique items, you may want to check gothic costume store collections and snatch the pieces that can be easily used on a daily basis for a top-notch outfit.

7. Plain white tee

You may haven’t even thought about this but having a plain white tee in your wardrobe that has the perfect fit for you is a very important part of your outfit planning. And, if you haven’t got one already you can probably imagine how many times it would have come in handy. Basically, a white tee is classy and casual at the same time, and it can be used for layering for a bunch of different outfits.

8. White sneakers

Just like black stilettos, white sneakers are a must-have among wardrobe essentials when it comes to a modern and stylish woman in her 30s. All your other footwear can feature whatever style you like, but black stilettos and plain white sneakers are some of the staple style items for many different occasions and many different looks.

9. Black ankle trousers

Similar to your perfect jeans, black ankle trousers are an irreplaceable part of your wardrobe, and especially when you’re 30+. Simply put, these trousers are trendy, timeless, look great on many different body types and allow you to dress them down and up, depending on the occasion. Not to mention that they are the perfect, comfy piece for your professional life.

10. Classic coat

A classic design of a trench coat or winter coat is also a staple in your wardrobe. After all, this kind of coat is timeless and can be the best investment clothing-wise. You can easily spice it up with accessories such as a scarf or a hat. Of course, make sure that the cut and design of this coat, as well as its color, go great with your body type and personality.

Timeless items are the wardrobe staples that allow you to explore and play with fashion even more. What’s more, these items can help you look great at all times, which is a very important factor once you lead a busy lifestyle and have to deal with responsibilities that come with the 30s.

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