revamp your health

Personal health is something that most people have on their minds fairly regularly. Whether you’re indulging in a few too many holidays treats or trying to come up with a game plan to better your health for the New Year, it’s safe to say most of us are at least considering our health daily.

Does it take a specialized diet regime or personal trainer to regain the youthful glow of good health? Below are ten tips that prove that revamping your health doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

#1. Drink more water

Drinking more water is a simple way to flood the body’s cells with fluid and push out toxins and debris. Being properly hydrated creates a plumper and healthier appearance to the skin, keeps the digestive system regular, and helps the kidneys to flush toxins from the body. Unfortunately, most people are vastly unaware of how much water it takes to hydrate the body per day properly, and many people with that knowledge find it difficult to manage.

I suggest using a refillable water bottle that holds about a litre of water and trying to finish at least one a day. Feel free to add lemon if you crave a little zest to your beverage.

#2. Sweat at least four times per week

Whether you choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator or practice hot yoga, sweating often is undeniably essential to health. Sweating allows toxins to exit the body and stimulates the lymphatic system to process toxic lymph material internally.

Increasing your heart rate also leads to lower rates of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes increasing overall cardiovascular health. In addition, this helps to give people a youthful glow as well as tons of natural energy.

#3. Consider adding turmeric into your diet

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. When included in the diet, either in tea or cooked dishes or even in capsule form, the body naturally becomes less inflamed and less bloated.

Consuming turmeric regularly will increase heart health, lessen abdominal bloating, and help with acute inflammation (like we see in rheumatoid arthritis). Because turmeric is natural, it is much less harmful to the kidneys and liver than taking aspirin daily but has a similar effect on the body, clearly increasing overall health.

#4. Get enough sleep

With the hectic schedules, most of us have, very few people get a proper amount of sleep each night. This can be detrimental because sleep allows our bodies crucial time to reset, detox, and unwind. Without adequate sleep, we become agitated, depressed and experience lowered appetite and sex drive issues.

The most important sleep cycle in terms of our health happens during deep R.E.M. sleep. At this point, the brain releases D.M.T., a naturally occurring neurochemical that stimulates the brain and body. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep per night to guarantee that deep sleep is reached.

#5. Go vegan! (sometimes)

Even if you’re not ready to commit to a 100% vegan lifestyle, eating vegan (or avoiding dairy, eggs, and meat) at least once a week can have massive health benefits, including lowered cholesterol, weight loss, less bile in the digestive system, healthier digestive function, and absorption of important nutrients found in most leafy greens.

Doing this will also help limit the amount of phlegm in the body, which is beneficial in the winter when colds and infections are common.

#6. Try to limit liquid calories

If you take your coffee with cream and sugar or drink pop or other sugary drinks regularly, you could be undoing all of the hard work put into a balanced diet.

Many people gain as much as 10 pounds a year from sugary drinks alone! Cutting these out of your diet will help you lose weight if necessary or maintain a healthy weight for the body.

Sugar also produces Candida in the body, which causes inflammation and many gastric health problems, so limiting the sugar consumed in these drinks will affect overall health positively.

#7. Never eat raw fruit after cooked food

If you want to have horrible indigestion, bloating, weight gain and lethargy, just go ahead and eat fruit for dessert. Since raw fruit is a fast digesting food, it sits on top of any other food present in the stomach and ferments while waiting for that slower digesting food to process.

This fermentation process creates gas and bloating in the stomach and horrible indigestion that will take years off your body’s health and appearance.

#8. Fill up on salad

Before eating a regular heavier meal, try loading up on fresh salad. Avoid creamy dairy-based dressing but feel free to overload on greens and raw veggies as well as extra virgin olive or flaxseed oil.

Doing this will help fill your stomach with nutrient-dense food and keep you from overeating heavier, less healthy foods.

#9. Juice fast occasionally

Juice fasting now and again for even just a day or two allows the digestive system to rest and revamp itself while still receiving and processing vital nutrients. This is a great way to reset the body before or after holiday overindulging and helps maintain a healthy digestive system and colon all year round.

#10. Avoid fried food

Everyone enjoys a French fry now and again, but cutting fried food out of your diet (mostly) will improve your health tenfold in a relatively short period.

Fried oil reaps havoc on the digestive system and body as a whole, raising cholesterol levels and creating stoppages in the digestive tract. If you love your fried foods, try moderation allowing yourself one or two junk food once a month or every two weeks to see your health and overall mood improve.

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