Video Marketing

For growing your revenue and increasing your traffic you can leverage a popular tactic known as video marketing. A video that tells the story of your brand can be very helpful in the marketing of your business. You can convince people with a story that elicits their emotions.

Your content strategy’s critical element is the video. A normal human always remembers a perfect video of small size. There are various ways of using videos for the purpose of marketing:

  • By giving a demo of your products and services
  • By asking the people to subscribe to you

Now I am going to tell you the importance of video marketing, its benefits and various ways of doing it.

Why video marketing is so important?

A brief history

It is not a new thing to use video marketing. When Yankees games were shown on the TV station of New York then a commercial video was played for the very first time in the year 1940. With the passing of time when YouTube came then after one year of this the importance of videos was realized by Google. Google paid $1.65 billion and bought YouTube.

Some important stats

  • YouTube has become a very popular platform and to watch videos a large number of people in the world use this platform. These people are 0.5 billion.
  • The online videos have gained so much popularity among the internet audience of the U.S. that 85 % of these people like to watch them.
  • A lot of individuals take interest in viewing a video instead of a written material so as to get information about the latest services and products and these individuals are 68 %. This information has been given in a survey conducted by Wyzowl.

How video marketing can benefit your business?

  1. It helps in improving the conversion rates – An 80 % rise in the conversion rate is possible if on the landing page we place a video and this information has been given by WordStream. In addition to this, a 200 % – 300 % increase in the click-through rate is possible if in the email we include a video. On the pages of social media and on the website, including videos can be very helpful because a large number of individuals are already expecting it from you. Only 2 minutes are needed to do marketing and attracting the client with the help of a video that is engaging and short.
  2. It helps in improving search engine rankings – For about 15 years video content has been considered important by Google. So, if you want your site to rank well on the SERPs then try to include videos in it. The organic traffic can increase by 157 % if you use videos. From SEO’s point of view, videos are very important.
  • Bounce rate – The bounce rate lowers down with the use of videos because these attract visitors a lot.
  • Dwell time – The dwell time increases because of videos as these keep the visitors engaged.
  1. It helps in improving the customer connection – For connecting with customers and improving relationships with them you can get a lot of help from videos. A video is far better than a written text as it elicits the emotions of the viewer. For humanizing a brand, a very good tool of marketing is the videos.
  2. It helps in boosting the awareness about a particular brand – In order to boost awareness about a particular brand, videos are very helpful. For arranging the interviews of the employees and telling the story of a company, videos can play an important role. If you want to spread awareness about your brand then use videos because these are 2 times more powerful than images.
  3. It helps in improving engagement – As compared to the combination of images and text, 1200 % more sharing of videos is usually done on social media. There is a 33 % rise in the user engagement of the Facebook page’s videos. It is possible to reach a broader audience if you will make use of shareable content.
  4. It helps in improving ROI – You can get a good ROI with the help of videos. A lot of marketers nearly 89 % agree with it. This report has been given in a survey conducted by Wyzowl. With a good return on investment, you can easily make decisions on where to spend money and how much money to spend.

Tips for making an efficient video

Make genuine videos – Instead of making professional videos, make amateur videos so as to market your business. These will help in connecting with the visitors in a much better way.

Always make the short video – If the video is longer than 120 seconds then the viewer will move away. So, try to make a short video.

Optimize the video – For making your campaign successful you need to optimize the video by using transcripts, descriptions and tags.

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