iPad Guide
iPad Guide

iPads are very popular devices, in fact, the most popular among all the tablet devices available in the market. Since the release of the very first iPad, Apple has the highest market share in terms of sales. It is the most successful tablet in the market.

There are many reasons behind its success like a strong and popular company, elegant and simple design, Apple’s iOS software, huge apps library, and more. One of the main reasons for its success is the company producing it. Apple is a giant technology firm in terms of mobile communication devices and being the market leader with its iPhones having a product designed by a company of this reputation is destined to attract a lot of attention.

When the iPad was released back in 2010, the market wasn’t sure about the usage and applications of this device. People were talking about where and how this device is gonna fit in the market. iPad is a new innovation to the market got a lot of attention and the loyal fans of the company quickly became a fan of this device. People were seeing it as a large-screen iPhone. Most of its users were using it for media consumption like socializing, watching movies and videos, games, and other stuff. But media consumption was never the idea behind it.

With the passage of time Apples, iPads got more refined and well-directed in terms of their usage and applications. Now when we look at the iPad after 8 years it confirms it’s headed in the exact direction where it was intended to be.

There are many ways in which an iPad can be used it depends upon your needs like how you want to use it. Some common ways in which an iPad has been used or found its applications over the years are explained below.


Apple iPads have a big screen to make it more creative-friendlier. There are applications available to make use of this large screen by allowing the user to draw and make digital art or design. Now in 2018 with the support of apple pencil and an even larger screen powered by the latest technology, there are more developers interested in developing creative applications for iPad like Adobe Photoshop which is heading towards iPad in 2019.

Viewing and Sharing

Whether it’s a photo you took on your phone or a movie it is always a much nicer experience to view your content on a big screen. Many people use their iPad for viewing photos and videos as it is a much better experience than viewing on a small screen. Another advantage of the big screen is that you can easily watch any content with your family or friends easily and conveniently.

Reading and Writing

There is a lot of content available on the internet and people who love to read or write can easily benefit from it. iPad provides a more convenient way for the readers and writers to perform these tasks easily and efficiently. It’s a pleasure to read on a big screen as compared to a mobile phone. You can do both these tasks easily anywhere while sitting on your couch or traveling on an airplane.

Banking and Finance

Many people find their iPads useful as a convenient way to manage their budget and expenses. There are many apps available that let you do these tasks easily unless you need more complex apps like Office Excel or Access.

Documents and Presentations

iPad is a useful device when you have to make presentations and present them in front of an audience like in business meetings etc. It makes them easy to share among other fellows. iPads are useful for marking up documents or reviewing essays and journal papers.

iPad as a Laptop

Most people use their iPad as a replacement for a laptop. It seems a much simpler version of a computer and people find it very convenient to perform their everyday basic tasks on iPads. Some of these tasks include checking the weather, making a video call, listening to music, playing games, and many more.


iPad is a complete package. It is having all the latest technology and functionality that a person needs to perform simple everyday tasks. iPad can find its uses in anyone’s hands it depends. How you use your iPad depends upon your needs. It is a simple and convenient device that you can take anywhere.

iPads being a premium device and having all the latest technology are a bit expensive. It is hard for some people to buy these devices and if it does not suit them it will be lost of their money. There are companies available that provide iPad rental for the short term at very affordable prices. If you need to test the device before buying then hiring their services to rent an iPad from these companies is the best option.