Indian Cooking Busted
Indian Cooking Busted

What pops up in your mind when you are asked your opinion about Indian Food? Most of us would instantly say hot, spicy, curry, rich, and loaded with fats. However, while these are certainly the key attributes of Indian food, they aren’t sufficient enough to explain the diversity of Indian cooking. The style of cooking and the taste of the dishes changes in Indian from one region to another and thanks to the best Indian restaurants in Toronto, the same diversity has been brought up here to the foreign land.

If you are an Indian, you might have been raided some authentic Indian food restaurant and relished the famous Butter Chicken in Toronto, by now. However, if you are someone who isn’t sure what Indian cooking is all about and has its own doubt, this article will be an eye-opener for you. In this post, we are busting 5 biggest myths about Indian food.

Not all the Indian dishes are “Spicy”:

While spices are the core of every Indian dish, it isn’t necessary that all the dishes taste too much spicy. There are certain dishes like dal, dal makhni, butter chicken Toronto and makhni paneer that are made mild and a bit sweet for the people who love eating such food. While on the other hand, other dishes have lots of spices and especially red chilies to enhance the flavors.

Indian food is unhealthy:

There are many people who avoid eating Indian food in Toronto considering it to be an unhealthy choice. It surely has a rich content of fat in it but it is always at your disposal to regulate the fat content. Some of the best restaurants serving Indian food in Toronto take care of the health quotient and use leer fat to make food healthier, without losing the original taste. Moreover, the rich usage of spices such as Turmeric, ginger, garlic, and green chilies have a number of benefits to offer.

It is complicated to cook:

That’s not true, despite the number of ingredients that you need to make an Indian dish, it is actually an easier type of cooking style. If you are a basic cook, you can easily make dishes like paneer bhurji, bhindi masala, tandoori chicken, and more.

Indian food means “curry”:

There is no common recipe for curry, while most of the Indian dishes are prepared with a thick, spicy gravy, there is no particular curry gravy that is a staple. Curry is made using a number of spices, including garam masala, which itself has different recipes in every region.

All Indian dishes taste the same:

Inexperienced diner always claims that all Indian dishes taste the same. But, is it so? No, Indian cuisine I one of the cuisines in the world that are known for its diversities. It has a rich regional character in its cooking that makes the dishes rich and different from each other. You can easily identify paneer masala from sambhar because they both have different tastes.

If you have already tasted the goodness and richness of the Indian cuisine, consider yourself blessed. If you haven’t, find out the best Indian restaurant in Toronto and order the best from their menu, now!