Thinking Errors

Whether or not we successfully achieve any goal we set for our lives depends on many factors. Our passion, ambition, and determination play a vital role in whether or not we bring our dreams to fruition, but the way we think is the catalyst to those three. It is our thinking which not only sparks the inspiration and desire to set a goal and achieve it but also stimulates our passion and drives as we strive to succeed as well.

There is more to what is being said here than simply thinking positive thoughts; there are a number of various thoughts which, when standing alone, are detrimental to our success in their very dynamic. Below we will discuss five thought patterns, or habitual ways of thinking, which can have a negative impact on your ability to succeed and achieve your goals. Remember, these thoughts and others like them are a personal choice. Refusing to “rent space” in your head to this type of thinking and being diligently proactive in changing it will lead you to the end result you desire.

1. Desperate thoughts

If you are facing a crunch or a deadline or if you are simply at the “end of your rope” it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed and desperate. The problem with feeling desperate is the fact that it propels us to make decisions that end up being counter-productive toward our goal or goals.

As with any thought and the resulting emotion, allowing thoughts and feelings of despair to dictate how we function has will become an ingrained part of your make up. When you find yourself acting in response to desperate thoughts it is necessary to immediately stop and attend to the damaging thought. You have nothing to feel desperate about; you are an achiever, a problem solver, and a success.

2. Thinking you are below others.

Human beings are equal. We would like to believe the opposite when it is favorable, but the fact remains. Anything you want to accomplish is possible. Allowing the way you see others to determine your personal reality cannot be an option if you desire success.

Movie stars and professional athletes achieve their status because they realize their dreams are not about who they are as people; rather, those dreams are about what they desire. You must teach yourself to believe in who and what you are in relation to those around you.

3. Not allowing yourself to set goals and have dreams.

You must have a vision of what you want in any area of life or you will have no frame of reference for how to get where you want to be. In life, there will be success and failure, but if we allow the circumstances of the past to dictate whether or not we will have what we long for because we refuse to think about it out of fear or trepidation, well, then we are never even getting started.

4. Thinking of challenges and obstacles as “the enemy”.

When we look at life’s “bumps” this way that is precisely what they look like: bumps and barriers. The truth is that obstacles and challenges are the very things which develop our strength and endurance, therefore they are our friends. Learn to view and embrace each “hardship” for what it really is: a personal life trainer with a reputation for developing the very biggest successes.

5. Thoughts of personal incompetence.

Perhaps you do not think you are less than anybody; maybe you simply do not believe you “can”. Why do you think this way? What do you feel you lack which is required to meet this goal? The fact is anything you do not have can be gained. You are able to do anything you want to do if you are willing to do what it takes to get there.

The way we think plays a direct role in our success. If you are an individual who is just learning this fact you must begin to be aware of your thought processes and the things you say to yourself. Write the thoughts down and begin to investigate them closely. Plan positive counter-thoughts and discipline yourself consistently by changing your thoughts upon a diligent basis as needed. You will begin to see positive changes on your path to success.