JEE Main 2019 Jan Examination
JEE Main 2019 Jan Examination

JEE Main 2019 is on doors now. Preparations have been started by the students in full swing. But how will you know whether you are going in the right correction?

As it is known that from this year, JEE Main would be conducted twice and the first session would be held in January which would have difference only of a few days from the onset of XII board exams.

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In this situation, it becomes a bit challenging for the student to prepare for both the exams simultaneously. As the candidate would be preparing for both the exams that are of utmost priority, he/she cannot afford to lose focus at this stage.

Some of the tips to maintain a balance in both the exams are stated below:

  • Know the syllabus well: This is the prerequisite for starting the preparation of any exam. One must be well aware of the syllabus coming in the exam and the same goes for JEE Main. It is important that you stay updated with the syllabus of the exam so as to know where to start from and choose what topics to be given priority etc.
  • Must lay down a strategy: Candidate must draft a realistic schedule for himself/herself and stick to it strictly. The schedule must contain the time for all the subjects. No subject must be taken for granted. One should set the priority of the topics as to which one is to be studied first and which is to be studied later on depending on their difficulty level.
  • Go through the exam pattern: Before the exam, you must get familiar with the exam pattern so that you know how the questions would be asked and in which format. It would also give you a hint about the topics having more weight that are to be studied compulsorily and the ones in which you can go a bit soft.
  • Choose the study material wisely: One must be very cautious while selecting the books to be studied from. In this case, you must not go with the majority and should choose the guides or reference books as per your level of understanding.
  • Do not ignore NCERT: Coursebooks of class XI and XII are necessary to be studied with all devotion as the syllabus of JEE Main majorly consists of the syllabus of CBSE class XI and XII. So, clear your concepts with NCERT and do not go for any guide until you have finished NCERT positively.
  • Mock tests are never enough: Solving plenty of previous years’ question papers and giving numerous mock tests would increase your chances of being there. They would help you in a way you would not have imagined by getting you familiar with the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam.

Analyze your performance in mocks: This is another most important thing to do while you are preparing for JEE Main 2019. Analyzing the mock tests you give is equally important as giving mocks itself. It would let you know the topics you are strong in and the topics in which you need more preparation.