App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization

In our present era, app development is extremely easy due to the availability of development tools, but it is a bit complicated and to make an app that will bring the attention of maximum clients. Earlier, the resources had to be focused on the development of a great app, and the marketing was done through usual channels. Different powerful approaches to marketing are ASO, which is commonly employed by all developers of mobile apps. ASO is the method of increasing the awareness of your app within a mobile app store. Here we provide you complete methods for App store optimization service that will provide you support to optimize your applications:

1. Choose The Right Name For App

It plays an important role in ASO. The beginning process of utilizing good keywords is to choose an appropriate category and then go through some of the top search results to figure out the best possible keywords to use.

Also, add some easy search phrases such as ‘Find the right keyword’ can be helpful, but also used longer, less searched phrases, for example, ‘app store optimization strategies’ can also provide you support to get decent results.

2. Try Not To Use A General Term Similar To Existing Apps In Your App Title

Utilizing bland terms such as “music” or “photos” in the title of your app will confuse users and cause them to ignore your app.

Make sure you precisely use a name similar to earlier existing apps. This is a black hat method utilized by a few developers who put out false apps and may result in App banning your app from the Store.

3. Keep Keywords Within 100 Characters

iOS lets you add keywords to your app store listing. The search algorithm uses these keywords to display your app in the results, so it is essential that you pick the right keywords which represent your app.

Moreover, you can use more than 100 characters for keywords. Try not to use long-tail keywords, plurals, the name of your app, or misspelling in the keyword field. Separate keywords with commas and do not use space.

4. Choose The Relevant App Icon

It plays the most important role in ASO. In the event that you cannot think about what to utilize as an app icon, focus on summarizing the feature of your app and finding an object that best represents each and every feature. Also, try to use the chosen objects into one logo, and you’ll reasonably come out with something that seems real and different.

Bright colors and HD pictures can help to attract the attention of clients. In the event that you are not certain about colors or unable to make HD images yourself, you must take help from experts or look for someone to hire to do it for you.

5. Select Categories Which Define The Core Purpose Of Your App

While you are choosing the categories of your app, focus on the core functionalities rather than focus on secondary functions.

For instance, Facebook is categorized as Social Networking, Instagram is categorized in Photos and Video, even though both have an important overlap in functionalities, and users consider Instagram to be a social network now.

6. Make Your Description User-friendly

App descriptions are necessary for telling people what your app actually does. Here you can see some tips for making your app descriptions better:

Include complete details about the version number, changes made in the new update, bug fixes, and much more.

  • Use social proof (User testimonials, press coverage)
  • Add links to the website or support.
  • Utilize bullet points and break up paragraphs.

7. Make An Alluring App Screenshots

It is the first impression of users who find an app in app stores and screenshots also have a great impact on the natural feeling of users. Furthermore, the screenshots can determine the function and feature of your app indirectly. Therefore, you must take screenshots into consideration when you optimize your app. As with the description, you need to focus on the first two images with High-quality screenshots. Well, a plain and plain background and overlay text are important to making users feel helpful as well as comfortable.

8. Use An Eye-catchy Video To Attract User

The majority of the audience more easily be attracted by the advertisement and the video in the elevator to buy something. This shows that the dynamic information has a great impact on the subjective consciousness of users. Also, you can utilize this technique in the process of optimizing your app. Make an eye-catchy video to describe the specifications and functions of your app. After that, put the video in some people-crowded places or social media to get more possible users to install your app.