Businesses Investment
Businesses Investment

One emerging trend in the commercial sector is the way businesses are targeting their customer. Most businesses use a customer database to pick their next customer. This saves them time and helps them build an effective business base. Another thing all businesses are conscious of is cleantech. Building connections with cleantech businesses is preferable because you will benefit in the long run.

Energy from microorganisms –

Recycling and renewable energy are some of the mainstays of cleantech. When you are able to recycle your waste, you are more efficient and you help the environment. Amyris Biotechnologies founded in January 2008 deals with fuels and chemicals and creates renewable products. It is one of the emerging Cleantech firms in the United-States that has lots of promise. This company has received funding of $517.89 million so far. It uses microorganisms to produce large quantities of artemisinin precursors. Using this biological platform it produces terpenoids that can be made into fuels, specialty chemicals, and drugs.

Use of solar energy –

Among renewable energies, solar energy is one of the cheapest. It is available in plenty and so many companies have taken up projects in this field. One such is Cypress Creek Renewables that is considered the national provider of solar energy. They have provided over 1.5 GW of clean, solar energy to the country. It helps people make solar farms so they are able to meet their energy needs. They have received $696.50 million in funding so far.

Recycling water is important –

Globally, the water service industry is projected to grow to over a trillion dollars. Where we are lagging is in the treatment of sewage treatment. We still let over 80% of our sewage go untreated. One of the Cleantech companies in the United-States dealing with this problem is OriginClear. They can treat heavily polluted water and remove chemicals and harmful microcontaminants from it. They have a network of water service technicians ready to assist anyone that needs water services. They have received total funding of $3.1 million so far.

Rechargeable energy platforms –

So, where do you go when your electric vehicles need to be charged? One of the companies behind building these charging stations is FreeWire Technologies. They have created an intelligent energy platform, Mobi, for energy delivery. You can use this platform to get the energy to off-grid areas. So, you can store and deliver energy where required at any time. It serves as a substitute or supplement for diesel generators, only it provides clean energy. FreeWire Technologies have received a total funding of $15.2 million.

New agricultural methods –

A solution to the global food crisis is to grow more organic food. AeroFarms is transforming agriculture by bringing new technology into growing crops. They use a revolutionary aeroponic technology that makes plants thrive better. Productivity with precision along with the minimal impact on the environment has helped them bring about innovations to this field such as vertical farming. Their retail brand Dream Greens is available all around the year and it is grown pesticide-free.

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Investing in green technology helps usher in a better future. We have to take those small steps now so our children will benefit. Get your new customer from one of these cleantech companies now.