vps hosting
vps hosting

These days, finding an appropriate hosting service for hosting a website is become a typical task for many site owners as they lack in technical knowledge. In most cases, webmasters provide proper assistance on choosing the right hosting plans for their client’s website.

Often site owners will prefer cheap and affordable hosting types at the beginning, so the choice of hosting will sort down to either VPS or Shared hosting.

Virtual Private Server

About VPS hosting and Shared Hosting

1. VPS Hosting:

VPS – Virtual Private Server, which is something similar like renting a flat where few other people living in the same apartment. In VPS hosting, your site will be hosted in a separate compartment without any interaction or sharing of resources to other site hosted on the same physical server.

The concept behind the VPS hosting is the Virtualization technology by which the physical server separated into multiple compartments. Each compartment hosts a separate site and it completely separated each other.

Features of VPS Hosting

  • VPS hosting platform acts like a dedicated server even though it shares server space with other sites.
  • The greatest feature of VPS hosting is the option to reboot the server without interrupting other hosted sites. Besides, the VPS server offers root access to the webmasters along by offering IP addresses, system libraries, and other configuration files.
  • Similar, to the dedicated server the VPS hosting server offers root access in the virtual hosting environment.
  • VPS hosting allows webmasters to host unlimited domains and customized applications on the allocated server space.

2. Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting, the name itself reveals the working concept behind this hosting type. It is pretty same as the scenario where you are entering into the flat for rent in which already few people staying as tenants. You are supposed to share all the utilities and all other resources to all other people who stay along with you in the flat.

Just like that, in shared hosting, your site will be hosted in a physical server along with other hosted sites in it. In Shared hosting, all the server resources will share with the co-hosted sites in the same physical server.

Features of Shared Hosting

  • In the shared hosting types, webmasters can find a lot of pre-defined application and easy installation guides.
  • In today’s world, the market of shared hosting is huge owing to that users can avail a lot of free bonus and free add-ons on selecting shared hosting types.
  • In shared hosting, you can avail all the essential server space for running your website. Owing to that, share hosting delivers you a cost-effective hosting solution for your site.
  • Shared hosting is a fully managed type hosting solution. Administrators have the full control over the server, so you do not need to be a technical expert to handle hosting the operation of your site in the server.

Key Difference between VPS and Shared Hosting

1. Performance

VPS hosting offers better performance since it offers standard bandwidth resources to its hosted sites. In addition, server resources bandwidths, RAM, server space, and so can be easily scalable. Because of that scalability features, sites can perform better under VPS hosting.

However, in the shared hosting, it is hard to expect better performances just as the VPS hosting does to its sites. Since the server resources are limited and shared with other sites, it will affect sites performances. For small static websites, opting shared hosting server would be enough to avail better performances but for dynamic and heavy service offering sites choosing VPS hosting would be the right option.

2. Security

VPS hosting is almost similar to the dedicated server except on the fact of sharing the physical server with other sites without sharing your server space to other sites. Almost every host provider offers advanced security features along with better customer care support. The security features offered in VPS hosting types is far enough to safeguard your site’s data.

In Shared hosting, though it is considered as very safe. However, still, several security breaches happen across the world. Since the same physical server shared with other sites; the server can be easily accessible by anyone owing that, chances of security breaches occurrences are at high.

3. Price

In VPS hosting, the price of the hosting plan is based upon the utilization of the server resources. If you opt for the higher price plan, you can avail high premium features and more server resources in the VPS hosting types. In simple wordings, you have to pay for what you utilize in VPS hosting.

However, in shared hosting the expenses of server maintenances and for accessing server resources shared among the sites hosted in it. Therefore, the price factor would be in the economical range for all the plans. Shared hosting would be the best choice to host small websites and to avail standard functionality from the server.

Is VPS Hosting Faster than Shared hosting?

For small websites, shared hosting will be effective, but for sites, offering complex services and performing good VPS hosting will be good. Yes! VPS hosting offers a faster server than shared hosting does. Also, one needs to find a reliable and affordable host provider to order to avail better hosting solution for your site.

Where To Find Affordable VPS and Shared hosting?

Well, this might be a million-dollar question among several site owners! Where to find affordable VPS hosting or affordable shared hosting? We are living in the digital era, where utilizing the internet would be the best and wise option to sort down the reliable and affordable host service provider.

Also, you can find a lot of suggestion on a various online forum which can lead you to towards the affordable hosting solution provider just like the eWebGuru hosting company in India.

eWebGuru one of the reliable and highly reputed hosting company offers a wide range of web solution that includes hosting services. Under VPS and Shared hosting, eWebGuru offers a variety of hosting plan that can suits well for all budgets. Besides, all those hosting plans of both hosting types include many value-added features, which are hard to find at other service providers.


Both VPS and Shared Hosting offer huge benefits for the hosted site. However, in shared hosting types accessing server resources are limited owing to that, it not suited for the sites with heavy services. Nevertheless, shared hosting is the perfect option the simple static sites as it offers a cost-effective hosting solution.

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