As we all know, the poster plays a significant role in advertising. A professional poster not only attracts the attention and interest of the customers but also creates and disseminates the corporate culture.

If you are not a designer and don’t have a budget for turning to professional agencies, you will find it difficult to design an attractive poster that contains appealing images with concise content.

So in this article, I am going to recommend you try out poster makers who are online graphics software to edit the images. DesignCap is one of the most easy-to-use and free-of-charge poster makers based on web browsers. It only takes you a few minutes to design professional and eye-catching posters.

With DesignCap, it is easy to get inspiration from hundreds of templates to create your own unique posters.

The main features of DesignCap are its intuitive interface that is extremely easy to use, even for new beginners. We can start our creation from all browsers, without the need to download or install any program on our computer. The first thing we need to do is access its main page with our browser from this link:

Once you enter the editing page in DesignCap, you just need to go to the selection of templates for design.

It provides hundreds of predefined templates, which allow you not to start from scratch. To meet user’s requirements, all templates are divided into different categories, such as vintage, cat, movie, safety, school, etc.

After the template has been chosen, you will find it is in an edit mode which you can add, delete all elements of the template. Then you can choose to upload photos to your template. Besides, DesignCap allows you to add the text of heading, subheading, and body text. It is possible to select from a variety of font it provides. To further complement your designs, you can insert a wide range of clipart if you want. What’s more, DesignCap enables users to change the background of your designs. It is available to add solid, gradient, and texture color. Anyway, DesignCap gives you different elements to customize your own posters with dragging and dropping.

Once you finished your design, you can choose if we want to share it with your friends through social networks or directly download it in image format (JPG/PNG).

Final words

You have seen how easy it is to make a poster and then print it and share it with your friends in Social Networks. With DesignCap, you will see that it is quite an easy and super simple task to do.

You can access hundreds of free templates, an extensive library of delicate elements, and an intuitive interface to design an attractive poster in minutes.