Doorbell Camera

The best home security systems begin at your home door. As it’s the most widely used access point to the home, protecting your door is the best way to create a foundation for high-level security throughout the property.

A video doorbell provides you instant information about those entering your premises and those immediately outside the home. When a visitor reaches the doorbell, you’ll get an alert on your phone and instantly gain access to a live feed from the area. You can then chat with the person and decide how to proceed without ever opening your door.

Let’s explore the many benefits that touchless video doorbells bring to your property.

The Types of Video Doorbells

When reviewing the market for video doorbells, you’ll discover that there are three distinct options. These options include:

Battery-Powered Doorbells

One of the top advantages of battery-powered doorbells is that because they are self-powered, you can mount them to any door or wall outside the home. Mounting them yourself gives you greater flexibility when deciding how to place the doorbell for convenience and optimal performance.

Hardwired Doorbells

Hardwired doorbells connect to the home through the existing doorbell system. One of their benefits is their consistency. Since they are hardwired, they are unlikely to drop out of service or experience dysfunction.

Wireless Doorbells

Wireless doorbells present the flexibility of battery-powered systems along with the consistency of hardwired doorbells. As long as the wireless connection is maintained, the doorbell will operate flawlessly.

Specifications to Look for When Choosing a Video Doorbell

Choosing a specific video doorbell for your home can become complicated. There are many factors to consider when evaluating your market options. So, to make things easier, we’re highlighting what you should look for when analyzing the options.

Consider the following when debating between the various video doorbells:

The Quality of the Video Camera

The video camera must provide you with crystal clear images when viewing from your mobile device. The best video camera systems provide 1080p resolution so that you can see subtle details when evaluating the picture.

At quality levels around 480p, it may be challenging to pick out details such as faces and packaging. Therefore, we recommend a higher resolution camera for pinpoint home security.

Night Vision

You need to be able to see the events occurring within your property around the clock. Thus, night vision technology will play a crucial role in protecting your home. Ensure the camera you select offers the highest quality performance at night.

The latest cameras will be able to pinpoint movement at night and take clear pictures of those at your doorstep, even when the exterior space has very little natural light.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor will be the element that begins the alert and recognizes a person is at your doorstep. Once the motion sensor is engaged, you will get an alert on your mobile device and be ready to interact with the person on your property. The camera must have the highest quality sensor, which can detect the tiniest movements outside the home.

The newest systems also come with zone monitoring so that you can immediately detect, for example, when someone is trying to enter through your back door.


If you choose a wireless doorbell, the quality of the Wi-Fi signal and the level of security provided should be the leading considerations. Assess the security features of the unit, and speak with the supplier about how to safeguard your Wi-Fi connection.

Learning this information will help ensure the stream remains connected and that only those inside the property have access to the video doorbell feed.

Cloud Storage

Ensure the video camera supplier provides you with access to a cloud storage system ready to store the video files from your camera.

Cloud access will provide you with a comprehensive catalogue of information for when a crime occurs on your property. For example, if you experience a break-in, you’ll be able to review the footage and see the person entering the home. Most products store data in the cloud for up to 30 days.

Battery Life

If your product runs on a battery, then the battery life should be a significant consideration. The average battery life is six to 12 months.

Ensure that the camera has a system for detecting that it has low battery power. As well, ensure that replacing the battery is a cost-effective and straightforward process. Otherwise, you may spend more money hiring professionals to replace the battery each time it runs out.

How a Smart Doorbell Camera Differs from a Conventional Security Camera

Are you debating between a smart doorbell camera and a conventional security camera? Let’s explore the key differences:


Doorbell cameras provide a live stream of events immediately outside the door. They work to protect your property against package theft and dangerous individuals entering your front door.

Meanwhile, security cameras provide a 360 degree view of the property. They alert you to break-ins around the home. They also offer additional benefits, such as presenting footage from inside and outside the home.


Both security systems and home doorbell cameras offer several benefits. A key advantage of home doorbell cameras is they are affordable and easy to install. So, you don’t have to spend too much time and money when buying your first unit.

Conventional security cameras range in cost and complexity, and provide several benefits not offered by doorbell cameras. For example, security systems generally assure higher quality footage and greater versatility for monitoring around the home.


Traditional security camera systems come with comprehensive cloud security packages, thus allowing you to store thousands of hours of footage. Meanwhile, you may only keep about 30 days of footage directly from your home doorbell camera feed.


The vast majority of home video doorbells allow you to communicate with those directly on your doorstep. Home security cameras may only offer video footage inside and outside the home.

How Smart Doorbell Cameras Improve Your Home Security

Installing a home doorbell camera with a video monitoring system will bring the following security benefits to your family and home:

  • Protect home valuables
  • Prevent theft and break-ins
  • Protect home deliveries
  • Safeguard your kids
  • Access valuable law enforcement evidence

Safeguard Your Home With Quality Home Doorbell Systems

Installing a home doorbell camera gives you a powerful tool for protecting your property. Most companies now offer this addition as part of a comprehensive home security system.

Take the time to explore your market options and find doorbell systems that fit seamlessly within your home network for next-level home security.