external paint
external paint

Painting enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house. But after spending a good amount of money you think that how long your paint will stay on your wall. The life expectancy of the paint is dependent on the major factors and the surface either it is exterior or interior.

Always use quality paint when getting house painting service. The quality of the paint will last about 10 years but there are many factors that make the degradation process faster.

The factors that affect the exterior and interior paint are listed below:

Exterior Paint

Following are the seven factors that affect the finish of your exterior paint:

1-Inappropriate Paint Type Selection

Selecting the right type of paint for your exterior is very important. And the weather condition outside the house is different. Acrylic paints are best because they can be applied over oil and water-based primers. Furthermore, this paint does not get hard with the passage of time.

Acrylic paint also comes with a low VOC level that makes it environment-friendly. But if you are looking for special paints that have a water repel property and wear less, then oil-based paint is a good option.

2-Instant Change in Weather

If there are rapid changes in the weather, then this is not good for your paint. If the weather is hot one day and after someday the weather becomes cold, it deteriorates your house paint.

3-Ultraviolet Radiation

UV rays coming directly from the sun have a great impact on your external paint. The color becomes dull, fade, and crack due to the radiation reducing the lifespan of the paint.  If you want to avoid this problem, then the wooden surface is good to opt for. They last for 5 to 7 years and the stucco surface last for 10 years.

4-The Absence of Three Coat System

As said earlier, the exterior of the house needs more protection so if you are lacking this system during the residential painting service, your paint will fade away soon. In the three-coat layer system, the upper layer is a primer and the remaining two layers are the paint coat. This three-coat layer practice increases the lifespan of your paint.

5-Lack of Right Primer

Primer plays a significant role in keeping your paint intact. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the selection of primer should on the paint you have used. In the case of acrylic latex paint, use oil or water-based primer. In the case of oil-based paint, the oil-based primer is essential.

6-Inappropriate Color Selection

If you are not selecting the right color according to the weather condition of your area, your paint will fade away soon. For instance, if you live in an area having a hot temperature, then choosing a dark color will attract rays of the sun that will make the paint fade away soon.

7-Paint Timing

When you are going to plan to paint your property you need to select the right time. If the time is not right, then your paint process will not be up to the mark. Things you should consider are:

  • The area you are going to paint should not receive direct sunlight otherwise the paint will dry quickly.
  • You should check them on the day of painting to make sure there are no chances of rain. Check the weather forecast of four to five upcoming days to avoid problems.
  • You should also check the humidity level because high humidity will prevent the paint from drying.

Interior Paint

For interior paint three factors that affect the life expectancy of the paint are listed below:

1-Low-Quality Paints

Choosing cheap paint will save money for time being but when you have to repaint, you will realize that your decision was wrong. If you want a long-lasting paint, always choose premium paints. To assist you properly, the following are the things you need to see in quality paints:

  • Less spatter of paint confirms that its of good quality.
  • More resistance to abrasion also means good quality paint.

You can choose oil-based, water-based, latex-based paints depending on the need of your house. What? Confused which one to choose? Get in touch with professional painters in Cape Cod to get the proper advice.

2-Atrocious Condition of the Room

It’s not only the weather or external condition that affects the lifespan of paint but there are many internal factors as well. For instance, in the children’s room, you should apply paint that is abrasions resistance. Whereas, in the case of an office, many people visit the rooms so your paint might start chipping.

3-Poor Condition of Surface

If the condition of the surface is not good, then the paint will not adhere properly. That paint will wear off soon than expected. You need to check properly that your surface is mold-free, chalk free to avoid the problems.

These were some of the basic factors that reduce the life expectancy of the paint either it is external or internal. To get quality work done within the time you need to hire skilled painting contractors today.