Navy SEALS are known for their tenacity, endurance, and skill. They are the sea, air, and land Special Forces of the Navy, and they are prepared for just about anything, which can help them remain clearheaded in challenging situations. Whether dealing with everyday stress or real disasters, you too can stay calm under pressure with these tips from the elite. Here are some of the most effective ways to handle your life as if you had the inward and outward strength of a Navy SEAL.

Car accident

Considering that airbags deploy at about 200 mph, always wear your seatbelt. You want to remain in the ideal spot where the airbag can help you—not hurt you. This is why the book written by former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley recommends keeping your hands at eight and four, instead of at ten and two. Avoid skidding by avoiding sharply turning your car, but if you do skid then turn the wheel of your car in the direction that your car is skidding.

Navy SEALs must also excel on land, so they know the protocol for the moment following a car accident. You should try to get out of your car as soon as you can. Unless the air is filled with dark smoke, and light smoke is likely from the airbag and not a fire. If you cannot get out of the car, then actively embrace any pain you feel. The pain shows you that you are alive, which will keep you calm until help arrives.

Home break-ins

There is a great difference between the people who break into a home as burglars and those who strategically plan to invade a home. The latter is the frightening type of criminals that use force in order to get families to open safes and quickly obtain valuable. Although home invaders are cunning, you can be even smarter.

Firstly, note that these people wish to avoid a scene, in order to have more time to steal from you. In my own incredibly safe neighborhood where the crime rate is practically zero, a man and a woman dressed up in matching gray outfits and claimed that they were soliciting for cleaning houses. First of all, who shows up to a house in gear with Windex and other items strapped to a belt? If it is not Halloween, then do not trust the outfit. These individuals got into a couple of homes from this tactic. In today’s world, most professionals no longer have to solicit door-to-door—they can just as easily drop a flyer into your mailbox or advertise on Craig’s List.

To protect your home from the not-so-cunning burglar, be sure to keep your downstairs windows locked and your garage door closed. Garage door entry is incredibly common, so be sure to lock the side door as well. There are also incredible ways to make your home more secure. Security systems can help, but not if you have accidentally let the person inside. Teach your kids how to dial 911 or press the panic button on the alarm system ahead of time. Treat this lesson like a school fire drill so that they do not feel afraid. You can even come up with a family code word to signify danger. Further, a keyless deadbolt is a great way to deter break-ins. You can also replace the frame of your front door or doorjamb with steel—not even Bruce Lee could kick that door down!

Being followed or chased

No one really enjoys walking around a dark parking garage at night. Trust your instincts—you can often feel if someone is staring at you or following you and if this happens then try to get to a busier place. Be sure to sharply change directions if on foot, and use obstacles to your advantage. If you are actually running, then knock trash cans or other items over behind you to block your path. Be sure to yell and be as loud as possible if you are in this sort of danger. The person may just be after your purse, but you want to try to get away if at all possible. If you are held at gunpoint, then for goodness sake, do not develop an attitude problem. Talking back will only antagonize your attacker.

Animal attack

These things do happen even outside the world of Animal Planet! However, as Navy SEAL Cade Courtley quotes in his book, “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.” Breeds like Pitbulls are often good-natured and protective of their adopted human family members. However, due to their physical build, some owners change their personalities for sport. Sadly, even an abused golden retriever can be a threat to children.

Never look a dangerous dog in the eye—they can see this as a challenge. Try not to make sudden movements, and turn your body away from the animal. If the dog continues to come at you, then try to take hold of its hind legs as if you want to play wheelbarrow with it. It sounds silly, but at least the dog will not be able to bite you from that stance. You can also try to use your weight to get the animal on its side in order to pin its head down. Then, be sure to find out who the dog’s owner is and see if you need to report the incident.

If you are being chased by a dog, get to high ground—dogs do not have the ability to climb objects. However, if you encounter a black bear on a camping trip, stand your ground and make noise to try to intimidate the bear. Climb a tree for brown bears and grizzlies. If there are no trees nearby, acting like a coward could save your life! Play dead and cover your neck in the fetal position. You won’t outrun these bears, and they may take some time to move on from the area. Try not to panic, and be sure to never appear as a threat.