Memorable Christmas
Memorable Christmas

Everybody wants to have an incredible wedding one day – entertaining, spectacular, romantic, and memorable. But it’s not always that easy. Maybe you want a unique wedding but you’re missing ideas?

A couple of these suggestions will definitely do that all – they will help you impress your wedding guests, have great fun and make long-lasting memories of one of the most important days of your life.

Themed weddings – why are they so cool?

Organizing a theme wedding is a great way to really wow your guests. What so great about it is that you can choose whatever theme you want, which makes it easier to please and impress your guests. Depending on your personal style and preferences, you can pick among themes such as the Great Gatsby if you want a flashy, glamorous wedding, the Harry Potter theme if you are feeling quirky and playful, the Cinderella or the Snow White theme if you are all about romance and fate or the Beatles-themed party that will cheer the guests with evergreens.

The choices are almost endless, but if you really want to dazzle the guests during the upcoming holidays, there’s no better wedding party than the Christmas wedding! The Christmas theme is the perfect choice for the following months – everybody is already starting to feel the Christmas spirit, feeling cheerful, warm, and festive. So, why not give them an early Christmas at your wedding and make them remember it forever? The trick is to include the right details and decorations in the wedding organization.

1. Christmas colors

Colors that first come to our minds when we think of Christmas are green and red. But you don’t have to go for the expected – opt for more modern winter options like deep reds and purple combined with white. It’s a very chic alternative that won’t look only festive but elegant, too. You can go with purple calla lilies in this combination – they are very effective, so you won’t need to get a lot of them.

2. Christmas sparkle

Warm lighting is the right choice for a Christmas wedding. You can decorate the space with fairy lights and put candles with Christmas scents on the tables. A bit of magic is what Christmas is all about, so glitter, an embellished wedding dress, fireworks, and sparkles will complete the festive feel of your wedding party. Your guests will feel like they have stepped into a Christmas fairy tale.

3. Christmas trees

There is no Christmas wedding without Christmas trees, so make sure you have them both at the ceremony and at the wedding reception. You can decorate the trees with the colors you chose for the decoration, which should most likely be berry, white and gold shades or perhaps colors reminiscent of jewels like ruby, emerald, and amethyst.

4. The little details

Christmas decorations are all about winter details and little gifts we give to people we love the most, so why not do the same at your wedding?

The details like wreaths, sprigs of holly, pine-cone, and sprays of pine are simply screaming Christmas. You can additionally embellish anyone of these details to make it appropriate for the wedding. Or why not make you’re bridal look more Christmassy by wearing a headpiece with a Christmas feature? You can also use a sprig or pinecone adornment to decorate napkins or the cake – be creative! And of course – place mistletoe somewhere above the dancing floor so that kisses keep on coming!

Gifts should be an inevitable part of a Christmas wedding, so why not show your bridesmaids and groomsmen just how special they are to you by giving them lovely Christmas hampers as a gift? Don’t forget the rest of the guests – you can give each one of them a cute Christmas decoration with your names on it to make them remember your fabulous wedding when they look at the decoration in their home around Christmas.

5. Festive approach to food

A Christmas wedding isn’t complete without Christmas flavors, so definitely include roast turkey in the menu, along with Christmas puddings, Yule logs, and mince pies. And accompany the food with mulled wine.

Of course, you don’t have to go full-on Christmas food. Instead, you can choose to take ordinary for and add Christmas details to it. For example, you can arrange doughnuts into the shape of a Christmas tree or you can spread pomegranate berries over the salad or grilled vegetables. Cinnamon can be a surprising ingredient to cocktails.

6. Don’t forget the kids

Kids are the ones who enjoy Christmas the most, so bring them closer to Christmas at your wedding by having Father Christmas at the reception while the adults are eating, so that the parents can have a little break. Prepare special Christmas gifts for them to play with or you can even prepare a kids’ playroom where they can watch Christmas films like The Grinch or Polar Express. It will keep them occupied and entertained for a while, allowing the parents to enjoy your wedding.

All in all

The Christmas-themed wedding is a perfect choice if your wedding is going to be around the holidays. It’s a sure way to impress the guests and create unforgettable wedding memories.