Many times on pc or laptop, you face the issue of reading the element on the screen.

Windows can help you to zoom in or zoom out the element.

In pc or laptop, you can zoom in to the windows use below trick or follow the tips.

Please follow the step by step guide it will help you to zoom in or out in pc

How to zoom in on any web browser

How to zoom in on any web browser

Step 1. open any browser you want their zoom in or out.

Step 2. in the keyboard, there is pressing CTRL and “+” press this both the key at a time.

Step 3. then you zoom in.

Step 4. after that, you want the zoom out, then use another keyboard key.

Step 5. CTRL and “” key is for the zoom out

Different browser says different options, so see below if you are using this browser.

1. If you are using the FIREFOX, then click the three horizontal lines at the top right click there + and in that besides – zoom

2. If you are using the CHROME BROWSER, then in three dots you can click, and there you can see the zoom in zoom out the use the symbol + and

One way you can zoom in or zoom out the windows screen.

Another way is also there in pc

How to zoom in on Windows using Magnifier

In windows, there is one app use that app.

How to use this for that us follow step

Step 1. go to the search section that is present in windows.

Step 2. search their Magnifier.

Step 3. you can see the below image and open this app.

Step 4. in the magnifier app, you can zoom more because Magnifier gives you 200 % zoom.

Step 5. inn that also they use the same buttons+” and “

In that, you can see lots of options see in the image.

Magnifier features

How to zoom in on Windows using Magnifier

1. Fullscreen, you can use this feature and zoom in 200 %

2. Lens – in the lens, a rectangular lens is present. This lens is zoomed around your mouse pointer.

So you can zoom in on your mouse pointer area. This feature is available in the lens.

3. Docked – The zoomed “focal point” is anchored to the highest point of the showcase instead of moving around with the mouse pointer. Be that as it may, the docked show shows any place your mouse pointer is situated at the current zoom level.

Magnifier features

Other apps

In the play store, lots of apps are available. You can use this. Also, they do not perform all, so ignore this, but you can be interested, then you can use this.

Wrap up

Zoom in or out how to do all the information given in this article will help you.

If you face any problem, then comment below or contact us through email.