online doctor consultation
online doctor consultation

Waiting for your turn to see a doctor can be very tiring, especially, in today’s bustling life. As a result, people, sometimes, tend to ignore their little illness until it turns ugly and emergent. But what to do when you are running short of time and you do not have a scope to wait in the queue? Here is a simple solution to this problem – consult a doctor online.

The concept of online doctor consultation is not too common in India, however as the digitalization is growing, people are adapting to newer technologies. Let us discuss how to prepare yourself for online doctor consultation and turn it to a good and advantageous experience:

 Things to do before the consultation

Needless to say, the first step is to find a doctor online. You can choose to chat with a doctor or make a video call. For either of the two, you need to ensure a good internet connection so that there are no disturbances due to network issues.

If you decide to discuss a video call with a doctor then you must also ensure to choose a quiet spot to communicate effectively so that the doctor can proceed with the right consultation. At the time of consultation, the doctor might have a number of basic questions, so it will be helpful if you keep a brief medical summary handy. Your answers to these questions will help the doctor to analyze your condition and advice accordingly:

Some basic questions that you must prepare are:

  • When did symptoms start to show, how long have they been there, affected area and nature of the medical issue;
  • any treatment is taken so far and if the treatments were successful;
  • any past diagnostic tests are done;
  • past medical and surgical history;
  • medications currently administered;
  • any allergies are known;

As much as you prepare yourself, lesser are the chances for you to miss any critical information, and more likely you are going to get the accurate advice.

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Things to do during the consultation

As mentioned, strong communication is crucial to help doctors assess your condition accurately. So whatever model of online consultation you choose, focus on what your doctor is asking and listen to the advice carefully. If you have decided to talk to a doctor on a video call then certain factors are important to be taken care of during the consultation. These factors are:


  • Ensure a good source of light.
  • Position yourself such that ample light falls on your face.
  • The light source behind the camera is the ideal position.
  • Do not position lights above your head as it will cast a shadow on your face resulting in glare.

Camera Angle

  •  The camera should be placed at the level of your eye and the frame must include your face and shoulders.


  • Keep your background tidy to avoid distractions during the call.
  • Speak slowly and avoid background noise as much as possible.

 At the time of booking an online appointment you must have already filled up your details, but when you start off with your online consultation, it is a good idea to introduce yourself again with details like your name, age, and reason for consultation, for the sake of confirmation. Be open with the doctor and do not hesitate to share any medical details or symptoms as you are here for getting accurate advice and transparency will be a key driver to it.

After the consultation

An experienced doctor may be able to quickly determine the severity of your ailment just from your conversation, be it in person or on a call/video call. So, by the end, the doctor will prescribe you a line of treatment in the form of medication or advice for further investigation, if required.

Online consultation with a doctor is a convenient first defensive process that is likely to help you out in your medical condition, and, if not, it can point you in the correct direction so that you can deal with it rightly. However, medical consultations are dynamic where the recommendations and diagnosis may be revised as and when more information is obtained. So, it is highly important to get in touch with the doctor anytime if your medical condition changes in any way.


Though online consultation with doctors is easy and has so many benefits then it is now here close to being considered as a replacement to the medical treatment in person. So online consultations should be avoided if consultation is to be obtained for:

  • Aged People
  • Patients with prolonged sickness
  • During hospitalization
  • Any illness that is an emergency and requires immediate medical intervention

In these cases, you should call a doctor and request him to meet personally.