floral centerpiece
floral centerpiece

Flowers are the jewels of nature. There is a subtle tenderness in flower that no other artificial or natural thing can match. The flower has such vibrant beauty that it alone is enough to decorate a whole occasion party. When you are throwing a party, you want it to be unique.

Here are beautiful and unique ideas for making a floral centerpiece at your party.

1) Choose flowers according to the occasion

It is true that occasions have no specific choice for flowers for decoration. But, when you are the boss of your decoration, you can make it unique. There are different vibes on different occasions. Making the centerpiece, your occasion, and your choice of flowers are very important. So, be unique by choosing the perfect flowers for the perfect occasion. A bouquet of fresh fragrant colorful flowers is best for welcoming guests. Flowers on the dining table recommend your culinary skills. Herbs like parsley and basil look great in tiny pots or shot glasses. For candlelight dinner, red and white carnations and rose colors best.

2) Flowers to be-used to create attractive centerpieces

No doubt all flowers have their own charm and beauty. But not all they fit into the centerpiece decoration. Fresh cut flowers always keep the color and fragrance. Flowers with bigger petals are more common to give focus to the centerpiece bouquets. Sometimes, we receive flowers on many occasions. They look good for some days or two. But after that, we have to throw them away as they dry. You can use those wilted and dried flowers as a centerpiece for your dining table at your party. You paint the flowers in metallic shades with glitters as that will look amazing.

3) Type of containers

If the centerpiece is the showstopper of your decoration, then the container is the heart for them. Be very careful when you choose the container for keeping your floral centerpiece. Ceramic clay pots are ideal for that. Always try to make a contrast. When your flowers are very bright choose a simpler container with lesser colors. Hanging pots can also be a great choice of centerpiece container. And it is the opposite of the light hues of flowers. The size and shape of the container are very important as well to match the same as the flowers. The place of the centerpiece decides the shape of your container and flower heights. Wooden crates look great for welcoming centerpieces and crystal jars for dinner tables.

4) Prepping up the flowers & container

When you pluck the flowers, keep the stems long. Later you can cut them off to fit your décor idea. IF you are bringing flowers from the market, do make sure they are fresh. The only way to know it is to check them by the edge of the petals. This is an important task before you gift flowers to others. Always keep sprinkling water on the flowers to keep them afresh. Clean the extra leaves by trimming the petals and cut off the thorns. For the proper water absorption, put a vertical in the flower. Forgiving the centerpiece a professional look, use floral foams to fix the flowers. Coffee beans and shiny crystals will be great as the base of the containers.

5) Arranging the flowers techniques

The arrangement of flowers makes a simple bouquet look elegant. The oriental flower arrangement is the most traditional one. her you put flowers with long stem inside tall vases. For western flower arrangements, it is always the bigger flower with bulky stems that get to set in the middle. Then there are small flowers as fillers. Baby roses or spiked roses are the best to give volume to centerpiece floral arrangement. There is another one arrangement that does not have a hard and fast rule of arranging flowers. It is a modern arrangement. Besides, you can give your centerpiece a hierarchy with the stems of different lengths. You can get those from online flower delivery sites and make your home attractive with that centerpieces.

6) Principles of floral arrangement

The design of the floral arrangement makes it a visual treat for people. The balance of hues and shades are very important to make it look unique. Dark flowers look voluminous. But light color flowers look well on the upper part of the floral arrangements. The scale depends on how many types of flowers you have used. This indicates the harmony of the arrangement as well. As it is the centerpiece, the emphasis is always on the center flower. So, it has to be an attractive one.

7) Give finishing touches

When it’s almost done, take a look at it from all the angles. With the fresh flowers, you can add wilted flowers with sparkles for making it exclusive. If the centerpiece is a very simple one, tie color ribbons around the container to give a bright look. Such ideas will be brilliant to send flowers for birthday gifts to a closer one.

Hope you like Above are the best ideas of decorations of floral centerpieces. Try it for your next party and for your home decoration.