UK Destinations

The UK is one of the top destinations that offer a variety of experiences to visitors. From food to culture and languages, you meet with a diversity of people from across the globe.

The best way to experience everything in the UK Destinations to visit various cities and explore the activities where you get to mix with other people and learn a few things from them.

Regardless of your travel ambitions, you would want to experience the best UK Destinations in 2022. This article discusses the top ten destinations that are worth exploring before this year ends. All you have to do is prepare your bucket list and start your journey to the UK.

1. Edinburgh

A visit to Scotland is incomplete without touring the City of Edinburgh, the royal city of rulership by Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Edinburgh is a picturesque city, and you cannot avoid making memories with your loved ones, or on your solo trip to Scotland.

In the hilly town, you can hike up Arthur’s Seat. The massive but extinct volcano gives the best view of the city below. Hiking up the hill takes you around 30 minutes, adding to your physical activities for healthy living while touring the UK. During the windy seasons, you would want to carry your jacket to shield yourself from the blustery winds.

2. York

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The ancient city of York is a perfect place to go and experience history and modernity simultaneously. York is an old town built in the 13th century, but it has some of the beautiful and modern structures surrounded by river cruises. The streets are big enough to make walking through the town a remarkable adventure.

Voted as the best place to live in the UK, the Gigabit City has numerous fascinating adventures to participate in 2022. But the most breathtaking experience is the York Ghost Tour, a sightseeing adventure where you get to explore the darker, narrow, and lonely streets of the city while the tour guide relates the ghost tales surrounding the scenes.

3. Lake District, Cumbria

uk holiday destinations

Located in northwest England, Lake District is a region encompassing a national park. The area comprises glacial lakes and mountains, making the place a favorite tourist attraction for many visitors.

The 912 sq mi (about 2 360 sq km) lake district is a scenic countryside, making trekking up the mountains a pleasant experience away from the noisy cities.

4. Norwich

Food! For foodie travelers that cannot control their taste buds when anything related to food comes up, Norwich is a must-include destination before you close the year 2022.

Grosvenor Fish Bar is among the top-rated fish and chips spots in the country. But you will also meet some of the smartest chefs in and around the city for delicious food that will make you want to stay in the city for decades.

5. London

uk holiday destinations

It’s a sin to talk about food and not mention London. The capital of England is also among the top-priority cities you should have on your mind for worldwide explorations. London, a central and capital of the territory, hosts people from various parts of the world.

Due to the varying origins and diversity in the culture of people living and touring London, you can expect to taste a variety of foods in town. You also get to meet and make friends with people from many nationalities around the globe. Thankfully, there are more than 300 languages in London, and communication shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Newcastle

In northeastern England, upon the River Tyne, Newcastle is a city close to Gateshead. The city of Newcastle is known as a university city. The city is an excellent destination for people who travel for leisure, and you will find various spots for nightlife in the city.

In its ancient days, Newcastle used to be a ship manufacturing hub. However, it is now developing to be a major business center. Newcastle also excels in Science and art. You will find the amazing scenic places to visit like the Anzac Memorial Walk, a walkway atop a 450 meters cliff. From here, you get a full view of the city, down to the beach.

7. Glasgow

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Glasgow is another city to visit in Scotland for an exceptional experience and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Glasgow presents history with its architecture. For food and drink enthusiasts, Glasgow is an ideal place to taste various dishes in urban restaurants, bars, and shops.

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To crown your entertainment desires, you can visit some of the music and performance scenes and cinemas. The museums are also great to enrich your knowledge as well while touring the UK.

8. Brighton

Only 64 miles south of London, Brighton has wonderful entertainment, and it is a scenic city. You can attend some of the amusement arcades along the beach in summer. However, the best thing to do in Brighton is shopping.

The Lanes, a shopping section in Brighton, offers you one of the best shopping experiences in the UK. You will find various independent shops, cafes, art collections, bookshops, and restaurants. You will need your car roof racks to carry the shopping in Brighton, because you may get lost in the boutiques and shops while packing everything in sight.

9. Northern Ireland

uk holiday destinations

Sometimes, people tend to forget that Northern Ireland exists in the UK. However, although it is small, Northern Ireland is a must-visit destination for scenic experience with great landscapes.

With the rugged coastline, you are about to experience the best sporting experience in the region. Do not forget to grab some seafood as you experience your adventure on the Causeway Coast, including a road trip.

10. Bath

Are you planning on a learning and entertainment trip to England? Then you may consider visiting some museums for the ultimate experience of culture, history, art, and, maybe, science. The town of Bath would be your best city of choice for museum-related activities.

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In the whole country, Bath has the highest number of museums per unit area. Apart from the museums, you will love the food in the restaurants, the Georgiana architecture, and the picturesque streets. Do not forget the Jane Austen Festival that takes place in September every year. You may want to adjust your calendar to match the outstanding events you would not want to miss.

Summing Up

There are many places to visit and various activities to attend on your trip to the UK Destinations. Sorting your itinerary might be overwhelming when you have not decided what city or place you should visit in 2022. Using this list of the top ten UK destinations, you can start your 2022 travel calendar with realistic expectations for excellent experiences.