fly fishing
fly fishing

With the emergence of digital hobbies, one might think that fishing has lost followers. However, surprisingly enough, its popularity has hardly been affected, there are many people who practice fly fishing in Spain due to the great health benefits that it brings them.

Fishing is not only an entertaining hobby but also a great way to improve physical and mental health, this is confirmed by the clients of, a family business that offers luxury trips like the pyrenees fly fishing. Now, we tell you some of the most important benefits that fly fishing brings to the health and well-being of people.

Fly fishing equals a full exercise session

Those who have only seen people fishing in the movies may think that it is relaxing with a pole under a tree – an easy practice that requires no effort. However, the reality is quite far from this image. A fly fishing session involves wading, casting, rowing, climbing, and stretching, so it’s not just about “sitting still” with a cigarette waiting for the fish to bite. It is true that there are periods of inactivity, but the fisherman moves most of the time.

The use of the arms is more than evident since you have to throw, stretch, and row. All parts of the upper extremities are used, including the hands, wrists, forearms, arms, and shoulders. These same actions also contribute to increasing the strength of the back muscles.

As for the lower and middle areas of the body, these exercises help maintain balance when casting the line, catching the fish, or wading. Although the legs are not used as much, a static load is just as efficient as a dynamic load. The famous plank exercise is a clear example of this.

A day of fishing relieves stress

Most fishermen only go fishing between one and three days a year. However, a single day of fishing reduces the stress level and offers a pleasant feeling of well-being, equivalent to a walk in the forest or a weekend on a quiet beach. Most of the people who love practicing fishing mention the desire to “relax” among the main motivations for going fishing.

Why does this effect occur? Fishing and nature go hand in hand. Spending time in green and natural surroundings lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. In a world as fast as the one we inhabit, nature acts as an emotional outlet for people and manages to relieve nerves and restore lost inner peace.

When it comes to fishing, in addition, you can only think about your own fishing activity. If you get distracted, you can lose the catch. Several studies have concluded that focusing on a single thing or activity reduces stress and comes close to the benefits that come from practicing mindfulness.