Metal Buildings

Metal & Solar

When you are considering the renewable energy of solar panels, you may be surprised to discover that it pairs well with metal buildings. The reasons can be summed up in three main points: durability, versatility, and suitability.


Steel buildings are built to withstand 140mph winds and up to 35psf snow loads, even when created with standard 12gauge steel. Engineered to last for decades, metal buildings are quickly overtaking timber competitors in the construction market. Where wood falls prey to pests and rot, cold-formed steel faces neither of those disadvantages.

Stick-built buildings require constant upkeep, sealant, and maintenance, but metal buildings are known for requiring little upkeep and are backed by industry-wide warranties.

In fact, metal buildings are so durable that a simple phone call to the local insurance company will prove, with a quote, that wood structures cost more in premiums. Even your local insurance agent knows that metal buildings are a safer long-term investment.

The average life expectancy of a steel roof is now averaged at sixty years; as most modern solar panels can last approximately 25 years, it makes sense to invest in a roof that will be tough enough to outlast your panels.


Metal buildings are easily customized, and most distributors offer a wide variety of dimensions and plans. Because metal buildings are easy to design yourself, you can easily extend the structure and roof in the future, allowing more space for solar panel installation.

Depending on how you want to orient your solar panels, your metal roof can be engineered to face a particular direction. Solar panels in the southern United States will generally generate more electricity than their northern counterparts. If you live further north, experts recommend facing your panels toward the south and west for the best solar power generation.

Steel metal roofs are installed as panels, creating the perfect platform for thin film solar. Solar panel mounts can be clamped directly to the raised seams, instead of requiring deep holes to be drilled into the roof.  This gives the homeowner options other than the standard silicon photovoltaic solar panels usually seen on homes.

Did you know that some metal buildings can be purchased as DIY prefab metal building kits? You may not even need a construction crew. Get a permit from the local office, lay a foundation, and put up your metal building yourself!


A customer who invests in solar cares about their budget, but they are also caring for the Earth. Going green is about more than creating a long-term investment that will pay off, it’s about leaving a better world behind you. With that in mind, your XCV panels should be paired with a building and a roof that matches your values.

Steel is not usually the construction material that comes to mind when consumers think of “environmentally friendly”. Perhaps, visions of big city skyscrapers are compared to woodsy memories of log cabins, and the emotional purchase is wood. However, most timber-built structures these days are not harvested sustainably, and the pressure treatment process for lumber is incredibly toxic.

Cold-formed steel is made with no chemical process whatsoever; it is 100% recyclable and considered to be an eco-friendly construction material internationally. As metal buildings age, they do not leech toxic particulates into the air or ground.

Metal buildings can be torn down and reused, and, because they last for decades, they are an excellent choice in a world that is looking for sustainable solutions.

A metal roof can also assist your building in obtaining certification as a “green” structure, under the Energy Star system or the National Association of Home Builder’s Home Innovation National Green Building Standard.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar energy is constantly being upgraded with more efficient panels and more affordable programs. Thanks to government tax breaks and industry wide initiatives, more homeowners than ever before are considering making an investment in solar energy. If you are one of them, consider the incredibly efficient pairing of solar and metal buildings.

Due to the high reflectivity and low emissions of an energy-efficient metal building roof, homeowners with solar panels mounted on a metal roof can reap the double rewards of renewable energy and lower energy needs from their home. Solar can be a tough sell for some, as there is no energy to be gained during the night-time hours.

However, many states allow homeowners to “bank” the excess energy from their daytime energy generation and use it whenever needed. In fact, they may even be able to sell the energy to the grid in the form of credits (Solar Renewable Energy Credits or SRECs). These programs are making it more and more exciting to join the world of solar energy!

So Happy Together!

Metal roofs and XCV Panel are a match made in heaven; between their shared eco-friendly values and their long-lasting work ethic, these two partners were meant to be together forever! Bear in mind that many metal roof owners claim their energy bills are substantially lowered because of the reflective and cool nature of their metal roof, even without solar panels.

With the addition of shade and energy from solar, your environmentally friendly initiative will be an excellent decision for the Earth and your budget!