yacht charter
yacht charter

Home of the famous Balearic islands and the Canary archipelago, yacht charter Mallorca has much to offer in the way of sailing. Even the mainland coast has a lot of famous ports like Barcelona or Valencia which double as a cultural and economic center with vibrant nightlife and lots of touristic potentials.

Out of all of the countries in the Mediterranean, Spain seems to be the most appreciated by western tourists for its fine weather and low prices. Many who come here return year after year and some even stay here indefinitely after purchasing homes or property here.

Sailing is also held in high regard in yacht charter Ibiza, especially on the Balearic islands where lots of German, British, and Scandinavians come to sail their boats. Marinas take up every single bay or inlet and yachts can be seen in every small gulf anchored, their stunning white contrasting with the azure blue of the Mediterranean waves.

Equally popular with the young, the island of Ibiza is the party Mecca, known throughout the world for its wild, carefree atmosphere which draws in people from all over the world. Further to the south, near Africa’s coast, the Canary Islands seem to be outlandish with their volcanic lunar landscape and scarce vegetation, but they somehow manage to attain a certain charm that draws in people from all over the world.

If you’re thinking of arriving in yacht charter Ibiza for a bit of yachting, here is what you have to know: in Spain, anyone who wants to operate a sailing throughout balearic islands than 4m or with a motor that has an output bigger than 10kW needs a sailing license. For foreigners, that means providing evidence of a permit or at least former sailing experience to the Maritime Authority. Once you do this, they will give a local equivalent which will allow you to sail in Ibiza waters.

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Most pro yachts will take care of all these documents prior to your arrival upon request and simply give you the papers when you arrive, but this comes at an additional cost. Speaking of arrival, Spain’s immigration rules are lax when compared to other countries, meaning that citizens from the European Union and the Scandinavian countries do not require a visa or even a valid passport. Entry is made based on the person’s identification card, regardless of the purpose or length of their stay.

For people outside these countries, a valid passport for the duration of your stay is needed for stays of up to 90 days. American, British, Canadian, and Australian citizens fall under the same rules but they also have to apply for a “Carta de Invitacion” at a local police station.

Yacht charters are a great way to vacation

Luxury yacht charter Mallorca is an excellent solution to a glorious vacation in a faraway and exotic destination. When you opt for yacht holidays in mallorca, you can enjoy the luxury of some of the world’s finest places and coastlines with yachts from the builder of excellence such as Lurssen and a fabulous mega yacht. Luxury yacht sales for charter vacations have risen hugely over the years, as more and more people have realized the benefits of this type of vacation experience. If you want to enjoy some real luxury and total relaxation as well as fun, flexibility, and incredible destinations, you could benefit hugely from luxury yacht charters.

luxury yacht charters

Whether you are traveling in a small or a larger party, a sailboat charter will prove ideal, as you can select from a variety of sailboat sizes to suit your needs. You can enjoy your yacht to the full, soaking up the beautiful ocean, the tropical weather, and the surrounding beauty, and enjoying life on a luxurious and state of the art vessel. There are a number of destination that has proven very popular for chartering over the years, although the world really is your oyster when it comes to chartering and you can select from just about any part of the globe.

Why opt for yacht charters for your next vacation?

There are a number of reasons why chartering a yacht could give you the vacation experience of a lifetime. No longer will you be tied to the plans set by the travel agent or the tour operator, where you eat when you’re told to, travel when you’re told to, and come and go when you’re told to. With a charter, you make the rules and you can tailor your vacation to make it perfect in every way. You’ll get to head to the shored when you like, head back to see when you like, and enjoy the best of both worlds with vibrant destinations and stunning waters. With the flexibility and the choice you can enjoy, you will be thrilled with your experience with luxury yacht charters.