attractions in switzerland

Switzerland is a mountainous country with stunning views. It is also one place where the consumption of chocolate is more than that of any other country in the world. So let’s say you have decided to tour the Swiss country, which are the best attractions you must visit?


Jungfraujoch is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most visited places in Switzerland. People usually refer to it as the top of Europe, given that it stands 3,454 meters above the ground. The spot is a fantastic place to observe the country and admire the mountainous view in the vicinity. To access the location, you are going to board a train and pass some exciting places. You also get to see the longest glacier in Europe, as well as the popular Eiger trail.

Lake Geneva

You can pay a visit to the most famous lake in Switzerland, Lake Geneva. It is a natural feature that has calm waters with several boats and canoes moving all over. To get the best out of Lake Geneva, visit during the summer and enjoy plenty of entertaining water sports. You can also sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of the Alps Mountains and the fantastic landscaping surrounding the place. At Lake Geneva, you are going to have fun and meet various friendly countrymen and women.

The lion of Lucerne

If you are the type of person who finds art enthralling, then the lion of Lucerne is an attraction that is going to stun you. There you are going to find an incredible sculpture of a dying lion carved into a rock face. The story behind the sculpture is going to make you teary. It is among the best attractions in Switzerland that any art lover will enjoy.

Lauterbrunnen valley

Have you ever heard of the 72 falls? If yes, then this is precisely where to find them. Lauterbrunnen valley houses the world’s largest series of waterfalls. It is one site that is going to amaze you thanks to its stunning landscape and fantastic terrain. The whole place is accessible via tunnels, lifts, and plenty of paths crisscrossing one another. The cool and wet atmosphere requires you to put on protective clothes.

Chateau de Chillon castle

Head to Montreux and have a closer view of the world’s renowned castle. Writers such as Lord Byron and Victor Hugo have written about the castle in their books. The beauty of the architectural design is breathtaking. The ancient stones and huge courtyards give it a fascinating look. One side of the castle dips gently on the shows of a lake while the other remains on land.

Lavaux Vineyards

Switzerland can be the land of chocolates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find good wine there. Visit the Lavaux vineyards and have a memorable time of your life. It is a great place to hike, especially on the vineyard trail, which passes through the vineyards. After your hike, you can visit a local bar and enjoy a glass of Louis xiii cognac to take the edge off. You are going to find the place interesting and worth visiting.


Are you ready to have a feel of ancient culture and see magnificent structures? Well, Bern still has a classical look. The town is a UNESCO world heritage site. It boasts of beautiful architectural designs and a medieval clock tower. It also has River Aare passing through it, making the whole place beguiling. You can also visit the Bern museum of art and see beautiful paints of some great artists. Stop by the rose garden and take a couple of pictures as you enjoy the view.


Pay a visit to Bahnhofstrasse and spend some cash on fantastic clothing and footwear. Bahnhofstrasse is among the most expensive shopping cities in the continent of Europe. The street is in Zurich, and it is among the places that you shouldn’t pass without clutching a shopping bag. You are going to find a huge number of boutiques that sell fashionable designs and dazzling jewelers. It is also the best place to find original designer goods.


People who love high altitudes can make their way to Schilthorn, a summit that rises 3000meters above the ground. The whole area is excellent, and it gives a perfect view of Switzerland. You can also dine at the revolving restaurant, which serves both exotic and local meals. From there you can see Monte Blanc and the Jura mountain range. It is one calm and quiet place with a peaceful ambiance.

The Rhine falls

The Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen is among the most amazing places to visit in Switzerland. The location is home to Central Europe’s largest falls. The falls span for 150meters giving the whole area an incredible view. The best time to visit is during the summer. During that time, the volume of water increases due to the melting snow. The falls are usually high and magnificent with a rushing sound. You can take a boat trip or go to the available platforms for you to get a stunning view.

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Switzerland is a country that you can’t help but admire. The truth is the nation has so many places to visit than you can barely manage. You should, however, put some of the above locations on your tour list. Some are UNESCO world heritage sites, and others are some of the highest points in Europe. Visiting them guarantees maximum fun.