Smoking Paper

Smoking Paper is a well-known Spanish company with a global presence, specializing in the manufacture of rolling papers.

As part of its development, the company has increased its investment in sustainable measures to an extent at which this is now a regular factor in its operations.

In fact, its products are now FSC® certified, which confirms they originate from responsibly biodiverse forests and plantations.

Smoking Paper has a range of sustainability measures, and some have led to huge milestones being met, such as its Trees for the Future campaign.

This initiative from Smoking Paper has led to 167,000 trees being planted.

Trees for the Future is an NGO that specializes in international tree planting campaigns and the fight against deforestation.

Smoking Paper recently announced its partnership with this NGO to help plant 165,000 trees.

The initiative includes the official hashtag #rollwithgreen and is based around user participation. Each time this hashtag is used, a tree is planted in the name of the person who posted.

Smoking Paper recently confirmed that it had surpassed its target of planting 167,000 trees in the campaign, and increased its target to 200,000, which also looks likely to be reached soon.

Smoking Paper, officially recognized as a sustainable company

Its constant investment into sustainability has also helped Smoking Paper to gain official recognition.

It has been awarded an “A” rating in CDP Water Security and an “A-” in CDP Forests. It has also received a “B” rating in CDP Climate Change.

CDP is considered to be a referential rating system for the environmental management of investors, businesses, and public administrations around the world. In fact, it is considered to be the best set environmental reporting standards around.

To give you an idea of the strict requirements demanded by CDP in its ratings, of the 18,700 companies analyzed on a global basis, only 107 have been awarded an “A” rating in CDP Water Security.

Smoking Paper now wants to improve its standing in these rankings, by also achieving an “A” rating in CDP Climate Change. The so-called “triple A” rating has only been achieved by 12 companies in the entire world.

Other sustainability measures from Smoking Paper

These are just two of the roles that sustainability plays in the Smoking Paper production process. However, it has many more measures in place to protect and help the environment.

In order to continue to improve its performance within this field, innovative ideas have been made to help develop more environmentally friendly raw materials, as well as more sustainable packaging production, and even actions to reduce the carbon footprint of the company’s products.

Among the most valuable advances made has been with the production of its papers, made with 100% natural vegetable gum, without any artificial colorings or additives.

It has also applied more general measures to its processes to significantly improve its sustainability and reduce its environmental impact. Some of the most significant are the following:

  • It has increased its purchase of 100% renewable energy.
  • It is moving forward with plans to install new solar panels to generate more renewable energy.
  • It has undertaken energy efficient projects.
  • It has implemented measures to reduce water volumes in its production processes.
  • It has reduced its waste generation as much as possible.
  • It has reduced the amount of packaging used in its secondary packaging.
  • Its own criteria to only collaborate with those suppliers who have environmental certifications such as ISO 14001.