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This fast-moving life has made it difficult to survive and so everyone is looking for a small trip which can help to spend quality time with family and friends. People of India mostly consider Kolkata and Mumbai for small vacations to get a break from routine life. It is very important to check out for the best places before visiting so that one can make the trip memorable and enjoyable.

Places To Visit In Mumbai

The trip to Mumbai is incomplete without Marine Drive. People who are residing here also considers it as one of the best places to visit in Mumbai to spend quality time with friends and family. One who is health-conscious could be seen here jogging both in the morning and evening. The atmosphere is always very pleasing and has cool vibes. Hawkers are also wandering near marine drive so that one can have some biting while enjoying the beauty of Mumbai. Couples also consider this beautiful place to share a good time with each other. In all, it is one of the best places where the fast and bustling life of Mumbai is relaxed.

Linking Road is also one of the best places to visit in Mumbai, especially for shopping lovers. Yes, street shopping linking road is quite popular and people who are visiting Mumbai for vacation should surely vast this place. Street shopping will give a new experience in life where stuff like jewelry, footwear, clothes, etc. are sold by vendors. One who is an expert in bargaining would really rule over such shopping street and can buy some of the best things at quite a cheaper rate. One who is tired after shopping can get relaxed and feel energetic by visiting nearby cafes.

Which Are The Best Places To Visit In Kolkata?

Howrah Bridge is one of the iconic landmarks in Kolkata which is built over the Hooghly river. There is a number of vehicles and pedestrians who use this bridge to pass by. But many people and especially people coming from other parts of India would surely visit this bridge as it is being built with a single bolt. It is very easy to walk across the bridge as a special pedestrian way is available to be safe form vehicles while enjoying the beauty of the city. It is best while visiting at night. Many movies and TV shows also conduct shooting and show this famous bridge in shows. The beauty of the bridge is one of the reasons that it is the best place to visit in Kolkata.

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The Science city of Kolkata is also very famous and people who are on a trip with their kids must surely visit this place. It is the largest science museum in the world and so people residing in Kolkata or visiting Kolkata surely visit this place. It is being divided into different sections like aquatic, zoology, etc. It is one of the best options to make learning easy and enjoyable. The optical illusion is also available in the museum and among all going through optical mirrors is quite funny. One must not miss the chance to visit this beautiful place while in Kolkata.