Home A Facelift
Home A Facelift

Like human aesthetics, every home deserves to have a makeover every once in a while. However, not every homeowner has the budget and time to do it.

Luckily, it’s possible to revamp and modernize your home without spending a lot, or even without spending a single penny.

You don’t need to buy new expensive pieces of furniture or splurge on expensive renovation projects to boost your home’s appeal. The simplest home projects can renew your space – and some of them cost nothing but dusty hands.

And it also doesn’t matter if you live in a big mansion, a small apartment, or a humble kit home. You just need to remember to CROSS: Clean, Refresh, Organize, Switch, and Swap.


Maybe your home isn’t ugly – it’s just dusty and grimy.

  • Do general cleaning regularly

Pay attention to your dusty, fingerprint-filled windows, and make them shine. Squeaky clean window welcomes more natural light. Do the same for your sliding door, if you have one.

Then, take the time to clean your ceilings, walls, and floors. Repaint if you must.

  • Pay attention to light and air fixtures

Start with the ones responsible for light and air. Clean and remove dust from your lampshades and other light fixtures to improve light quality. Next, clean your ceiling fan and AC units to boost your air quality and get rid of allergy-inducing dust.

  • Clean the cabinets, dusty shelves, and tables

Aside from polishing the surface, consider editing the items on display. Showcase only a few favorite things to create a streamlined look. For example, you can include a magazine or two and a signature centerpiece on your coffee table.


Refreshing your home with paint and wall and floor covering solutions is a cheap way to give your old home a quick facelift

  • Repaint the furniture

A home makeover doesn’t necessarily mean replacing old furniture pieces with all-new ones. You can use paint to revamp your home while increasing the value of neglected furniture pieces. Consider Special Paints the kitchen cabinetry, tables, chairs, doors, and other pieces that could use some refurbishing.

  • Refinish the wall

Give your dull, washed-out walls a makeover with a can of paint. You can also use paint to cover the eyesores including minor cracks and stains.

  • Renew the floor

Tired of your old flooring? Refresh it without spending a lot using vinyl tiles. They’re not only a cheaper alternative to expensive flooring; they’re also stylish, crack-resistant, self-adhesive, and easy to clean.

You can renew your floor without spending, such as addressing the issue with your squeaking floorboards and spending the time deep clean your tile floor.


Clutter makes any space look smaller, cramped, and messy – and your mind uneasy.

  • Declutter

Free yourself from clutter by looking around and separating the ones you’d love to see on display and the ones you want to keep out of sight. You must have three boxes: “for storage”, “for donate, and “for the trash bin,” which are all self-explanatory.

  • Organize fridge door

A fridge door filled with old memos, invitations, receipts, and other unnecessary clutter can make your kitchen look messier than it already is. Throw away outdated notes and display only a few good items, like a few photos, art, souvenir magnets, stylish chalkboard, and functional magnetic spice storage.

  • Edit your bookshelf

Revamp your bookshelf with a thoughtful arrangement.

You may sort your books by genre or color to make your book collection pop. You can also add levels and variety by stacking some books vertically while some books horizontally. If you’re not a total bookworm, you can display only your favorite ones along with some small home accessories, like vases, mementos, and frames.


Replacing the old, little things, like light bulbs, with new ones is a minor improvement that adds a great visual impact to your home.

  • Switch to new light bulbs

If buying a new statement light fixture seems expensive, you might want to switch to new light bulbs instead. Changing your artificial lighting amount and temperature add visual interest to your home.

  • Replace old doorknobs

Sprucing up the front door with a fresh coat of paint is one quick, easy, and affordable way to upgrade your home. But if you’re not ready for such commitment, updating your knockers and doorknobs instead do wonders for your home. Consider replacing your doorbells too.

  • Update cabinet pull knobs and handles too

If you don’t have the budget to buy new cabinets, drawers, and other storage units, at least spare some time to replace the doorknobs and handle with new ones.


Mixing and matching pieces you own throughout the home might be a simple task to do but it makes a big difference

  • Rearrange seating areas

Do you have a living room set whose arrangement has never been altered since the day you bought them? Maybe it’s time to make a change and rearrange your seating to update your home.

You can also use what you already have to vary seating throughout your home, like putting the dining chairs in the bedroom or using cozy pillows and mattresses for your living room.

  • Mix and match lighting fixtures

Okay, I know lighting fixtures aren’t cheap, but they can truly make a difference.

If you can’t buy new light fittings, make use of what you already own. Do you have something stored in your chest? You can use your dining room pendant light for your living room or put the living room light fixture in the kitchen.

  • Rearrange artworks, d├ęcor, and plants too

Hang artworks you already own in different places. Let new wall color and smart lighting bring a fresh perspective to classic favorites.

Play with placement. You may hang artworks in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. You can also replace your favorite massive 32 x 40 painting with a few smaller-scale pieces and create a gallery wall.

Do you have a big houseplant that has been sitting beside your living room couch for ages? Consider moving your plants to different rooms and corners. This will allow plants to fill each space uniquely, create a more balanced space.