Wall Cladding
Wall Cladding

Bored with your walls and looking for something different? Try wall cladding. Wall cladding is the application of different material over walls. It can be used outside as well as inside. It is used to bring a new look or to include a specific design material. It can have many hidden benefits that make it very useful.

Wall cladding is used often in construction to give a wall a different cover. Different types of materials are used for cladding, including wood, vinyl, metals, straw fibers, and others. A popular option today is a composite wall cladding panel. Composites emerged as a popular option because of its unique properties.

Giving the room a makeover

Just changing the wall can make an amazing difference to an entire room. We can see this when we change wall paint. Cladding makes an even bigger change. It makes your room a completely different space. Cladding is often used to accentuate a wall. Just the addition of one single element is sufficient for the makeover. You can get a very wide range of cladding material and patterns to suit any aesthetics or design philosophy.

Set the mood

Cladding is often used to give a room a certain mood. It is used by designers as a handy and effective tool in creating the right ambiance. It is most evident in places like nightclubs where three-dimensional panels are used. The panels create a really plush and stylish ambiance that can also be very intimate — a perfect mashup of features you want in an exclusive club. Similarly, metal cladding could be used to give a room a more utilitarian edge. Wooden or composite wall cladding panels are used to give a room a warm look.

Energy efficient

Cladding is often used to provide an extra layer of insulation. In a typical construction, the wall has a layer of insulation and then the cladding panel. Many cladding materials like composite are naturally good at resistance. The insulation can keep your home cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. This means you can use the energy in your house efficiently without resorting to the frequent use of AC or heaters. It gives you a cleaner antimicrobial environment.

Infestation free

Infestations are a very common problem, especially in rainy areas. Walls can also develop molds, becoming stained. Most cladding materials like composites and vinyl are resistant to infestations. It means that your wall will not develop molds and rots. They will last for longer without any extensive repair work. This is also perfect for people with allergies. Wall cladding ensures that there are fewer spores or molds, which are high triggers for allergic reactions.

Low maintenance

Normally, walls can develop stains or the paint can chip. Every wall needs a whitewash at regular intervals so that it does not look shabby and chipped. This is a regular expense that must be undertaken every few years. Painting jobs are often disruptive, leaving everything under a layer of dust. With options like composite wall cladding panels, you don’t have to worry about any such problems. Claddings do not need a repaint or any other maintenance. They can last for years without almost any extra effort.

Fire resistant

While cladding panels made of natural materials like timber are extremely susceptible to fire, most popular cladding materials like aluminum and composites have excellent fire resistance. They offer an extra layer of fire protection to your house. By offering resistance, cladding can ensure that any fore does not spread and can be quickly contained. Cladding when used on the exterior wall can be very effective in this.


Cladding is often used for its sheer aesthetic appeal. Wooden, composite, or vinyl — these materials are more pleasing to the eye than plain concrete or any special paints job. The warm wooden tones or the eclectic metal cladding are all meant to make the wall more stunning and different from the usual.


In the end, claddings like composite wall cladding panels are really light on your pocket. It is extremely low maintenance and does not require you to undertake frequent paint jobs. It is energy-efficient, saving you from high power bills. It is also very durable, lasting years with almost no extra effort. In other words, it offers you excellent value for money.

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