fashion trends

Style changes so fast that even as a fashionmonger, it can be pretty hard to stay on top of everything that’s trendy and hip. From platinum pixie cuts to those chokers from the 90s, there are a lot of dos and don’ts of the fashion world and sometimes it can be really hard to catch up.

Fashion certainly can be full of flash-in-the-pan trends, but fortunately, what’s old is new again is a popular phrase for a reason. There may be a lot of designer duds that you’ve resigned to the back of your closet in the past but there are always old styles coming back into fashion! So, before you head for the dumpster or the donation bin, you may want to consider just what’s been showing up on the runway and your favorite celebrities.

Whether it’s floral print separates or the latest look for denim, there are more than a few things you may be able to reconstitute for a new look that will use your old threads and save some money. And best of all, you may just be rocking the best upcoming street style before anyone else can pluck something off the shelf.

1. Track Pants

There was a time when tracksuits were all the rage and those in the know wanted a set in every color. Fortunately, while those days of athletic overkill seem to have passed, athletic wear is still a popular choice for the street whether or not it’s something you want to work out in. It may seem surprising, but those 90s track pants are actually cool again! After all, nothing says something is on the up-and-up like being featured in Rihanna’s very own Fenty Puma by Rihanna Collection. Snaps or no snaps, this look can take you from the gym to the street and still keep you in style.

2. Accessorizing with Neon

Alongside curled bangs and leg warmers, neon was a staple of every fashion maven’s wardrobe back in the 80s. Whether in bright pink or eye-catching yellow, Kelly Kapowski of “Saved by the Bell” and other television personalities really brought the bright shades to life. For those who still like their neon, it’s making a comeback! Instead of overdoing it, think of adding a little bit of color, whether you decide to accessorize with a bright pair of heels or some bangles that add a punch.

3. Floral Separates

Flowery fabrics that are feminine and sensual may have been a pretty popular trend back in the days of “Beverly Hills 90210”, but this soft style went out of fashion soon after its heyday. Fortunately, for those who like to creatively mix their separates and can’t let go of their floral obsession, this ultra-feminine trend is backā€¦and it might even be better than ever. With so many women in Hollywood, from Nicole Kidman to Cate Blanchett, donning feminine, flowery fabrics with a more refined silhouette, you may want to take your old pieces to the tailor for re-use and get it up-to-date.

4. The Corset

This garment may have been popular in Victorian high society when it was used as a form-fitting piece that was the stuff of many maidens’ nightmares. This style is being rapidly revamped for a more modern aesthetic. Corset dresses, costumes, gowns, and tops are being sported by celebrities and audiences alike. Corset-inspired items like corset belts and shirts with corset lacing are also gaining more popularity. Apart from sporting them as tops, you can also layer them to add more funk. Corsets are definitely one must add in your wardrobe!

5. High-Waisted Jeans with Cuffs

Denim may be a comfortable clothing staple for the average person but denim’s lasted for so long on the fashion landscape precisely because of its versatility. From the flares in the 70s to the ripped jeans of the early 2000s, there’s nothing that hasn’t been done to this durable material that is without style. High-waisted jeans have come back in recent years but so have high-waisted cuff jeans as worn by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez. For a look that’s low-key but trendy, cuffs are a great way to go.