how to design your backyard
how to design your backyard

A backyard is more than just a clothing line and a patch of grass. If designed carefully, a backyard can be just as good as any other room in the house. It can be used for entertaining, for getting together with friends and family or for just relaxation. But it should be planned carefully. Fortunately, today we have many tools and designs that we can use, such as wooden deck tiles India.

Start with the dream

Like many people you may have already thought of how you want your yard to look. Think back on pictures or videos where you have been struck by a backyard. Trawl the net for something that strikes you. It should start with a dream, a vision or desire, or what the end result should be. Make a dream board. Stick pictures of backyards from the internet or magazine that really catch your attention. It does not matter if your yard cannot accommodate these designs. What matters is the vision. This is your base from which you can start.

Think of your interests

The backyard is ultimately meant to cater to your interests. So, decide what you really want with this space. Do you want to use it for entertainment or for growing a vegetable garden? Of course, both can co-exist. But you may have to pick and choose if the yard is small. Bigger yards provide more opportunities, such as a swimming pool, barbecue, trees, or a deck with wooden deck tiles India. But be clear on what you want to use the yard for.

Plan the space

The best way to proceed in designing any space is with the right plan. Start with planning your backyard. Keep your dream board in mind and start planning the space? You don’t have to replicate the design (although it is perfectly OK if that is what you want). You just have to think of the essence. Make a rough draft of the landscape plan on paper. Mark different spaces for different purposes — such as sitting area and gardening area. This will help in the execution of the plan.

Hire a good contractor/gardener

The best way to get good results is by hiring competent and experienced people to execute it. You may want to the gardening yourself, but areas like the deck or swimming pool will need a good contractor. You can ask around friends, neighbor,s or try the internet to narrow your search. Swimming pools, in particular, should be laid by an experienced contractor. So, check for relevant work history before you hire the contractor.

If you are keen on a backyard garden or a vegetable patch, it may be a good idea to get a good gardener even if you are fairly competent in this skill. Get a gardener to do an initial survey, especially if you are starting from scratch and the yard used to be mostly barren. A gardener will give you a better idea of the soil quality and ensure that your garden starts out on the right note.

Decide on the deck

Once you have decided on the plan and the contractor, start thinking of the particulars. For instance, what kind of material do you want for your deck? Bathroom Wall Tiles are a popular option. Made of composite materials, these tiles do not warp under the sun or rot with moisture. The tales are also termite or infestation proof. This makes them a popular choice for outdoor installations like decks or by the swimming pool. Unlike other options like cement or concrete, wood deck tiles are also aesthetically more appealing.


This is very important if you plan on using the yard for evening or night entertainment. Make sure that there are enough light fixtures over the deck and garden areas. While the deck will need to have a good amount of lighting, you can keep it discreet and low in the other areas. A string of tiny LED lightings is both sufficient and whimsical looking! You can also ensure multiple lighting options with both bright and soft lighting scattered around to accommodate for both necessity and the mood.

So, decide on a plan, pick a good contractor and wooden deck tiles India. This is your space, a refuge from the world. Make it yours.

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