house indoor
house indoor

The truth is, no one likes having an untidy house. It can take away from the aesthetically pleasing aspect of your home as well as make you feel unorganized, stressed, and frustrated. We can all agree it’s important to keep the indoor and outdoor area of the house clean, but the question is: how? Sure, you can pick up a few tools and get going, but that can take ages. There are got to be better and more efficient ways of cleaning that don’t suck all the energy out of you.

1. Consider repainting

If you really want to refresh the appearance of your home, a good paint job from the inside and outside can do the trick. When we live in a place for too long, we don’t even realize how much the walls suffer over time. The color gets dirty and we accidentally nick the paint in many places. That’s why it’s time for a fresh start. Since painting takes a while and can get messy, you might want to take steps to prepare your house.

The furniture should be moved or at least covered with plastic so as to avoid any potential damage. Once the place is empty or protected, it’s time to start painting. Ideally, the old color should be scraped off the walls if you’re planning on doing something completely new. This way, you don’t add unnecessary layers that don’t let your walls breathe.

As far as the colors are concerned, you should choose something according to the room layout and amount of natural light. Soft and mild colors are suitable for light rooms, while brighter colors go best with dim areas.

2. It’s time to de-clutter

We’re all guilty of accumulating unnecessary things in our homes. Without us realizing it, these things slowly take over our whole living area. One thing you can do to properly care for your house is de-clutter. Everything that you haven’t used for a while or haven’t even thought of should go. If you’re sentimental, try getting your friends to help you. They’re not emotionally attached to your home so it will be easier for them to pick out actual junk.

You can also look at this as an opportunity to give back. All of your old clothes, furniture, toys, and practical house décor can be donated. Donating is also a good way to get over the feeling of creating more waste. In the end, you’ll end up with a tidy and organized home while someone else will get all the necessities they yearned for.

For easier organization, you can do room by room. Start with the kitchen, for example. You can take cardboard boxes and file away the things you don’t need by category then easily label them. Two or three piles and categories can be available- to donate, storage, and throw away. This way, you’ll be most efficient and get a clear picture of everything you own.

3. Brush up on your gardening skills

The garden and lawn are essential parts of the outdoor area. If you want to make the whole place sparkle, it’s important to pay attention to them. Your lawn should be mowed and watered regularly, as this keeps grass strong and green. You can even add some fertilizer, but be careful not to overdo it as it can lead your grass to become too dependent on water and thus, rather weak.

As far as the garden is concerned, you should make sure it’s healthy first. Cutaway all the diseased and wilted plants, then start pruning and shaping the rest. New and colorful additions are also welcome; just don’t forget to water them regularly.

You can also consider making a composting bin as it will help you stay more eco-friendly. Proper tools will be invaluable on your mission to a stunning backyard, so don’t forget to check out companies such as Hoselink for gardening equipment.

4. Make the windows shine

Though it just may be the most tedious chore around the house, window cleaning is extremely important. Regardless of how clean and tidy the rest of the house is, it means nothing if the windows aren’t spotless. For the best results, it’s advisable to pay attention to the weather conditions. Don’t clean your windows when it’s hot and sunny as the glass will dry too quickly and you won’t have time to polish.

Instead, opt for a cloudy and mild day. This way, it will be warm enough for them to dry properly, but without direct sunlight. You’ll avoid streaks for sure. When cleaning, start from the top. Since the water and cleaning solution will drip down anyway, this is another way to avoid unnecessary streaks.

You can use a store-bought cleaning solution, or you can mix your own. Vinegar and water work fine as they make the glass shine without the harmful chemicals. You can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar.


Cleaning can become a breeze if you’re doing it correctly. Even the hardest and most tedious jobs suddenly feel like fun instead of like a chore. Taking care of your house will provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you’ll get to keep your home’s shine without any issues. With these tips, perfection is at your fingertips.